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MOD D Unit I

Terms and definitions

A small room near the treatment rooms where x-ray processing is done Dark Room
The support or point on which a level turns (e.g., position of the finger rest for support when working in a patient's mouth) Fulcrum
grasping an instrument as one would with a pen, except the pad of the middle finger is placed on the top of the instrument with the index finger modified pen grip
dental treatment room operatory
holding an instrument with the palm of the hand palm grasp
the grasping of an instrument in the same mandder as one would a pen or pencil pen grasp
the feeling sensed by touch tactile
the area below the patient's nose where instruments and material are passed and recieved transfer zone
tool that provides compressed air for handpeices and air-water syringes air compressor
air-water syringe a device the dentist used that provides air or water or a combination spray of air and water
system that provides suction for saliva ejctors and oral evacuators central vacuum system
positioned according to the dentist, unit that consists of handpieces, an air-water syringe, a saliva ejector an oral evacuator an ultrasonic scaling unit and numerous other options dental unit
triangular pads that absorb the flow of saliva and protect the cheek dry angles
removing fluids from the patient's mouth; also called oral evacuation high-volume evacuator
devices used to prevent patients from closing the mouth mouth prop
low-wolume suction device that removes saliva and fluids from the patient's mouth saliva ejector
the patient is in reclined position wiht the head lower than the feet subsupine position
rear dleivery systems are found in the static zone, as well as instruments and equipment used at the dental chair static zone
the area where the operator is positioned to access the oral cavity and hae the best visibility operating zone
the study and analyais of human work, including the anatomic and psychological aspects fo people and their work environments ergonomics
instruments used with rotary burs, discs, and stones; connected to power, air and water sources handpiece
the process of mixing (such as mixing of the amalgam capusules) triturates
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