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chapters 1-6

admonish verb to caution or advise against something
breach noun an opening gap
brigand noun a bandit
circumspect adj careful cautious
commandeer verb to seize for military or official use
cumbersome adj clumsy, hard to handle
deadlock noun a standstill resulting from the opposition of two equal forces or fractions
debris noun scattered fragments
diffuse verb to spread freely or widely
dilemma noun a difficult or perplexing situation
efface verb to wipe out to keep oneself from being noticed
muddle verb to make a mess of
opinionated adj stubborn and often unreasonable in holding ones own ideas
perennial adj lasting for a long time, persistent
predispose verb to incline beforehand
relinquish verb to let go or give up
salvage verb to save from fire or shipwreck
spasmodic adj sudden and violent but brief
spurious adj not genuine not true not valid
unbridled adj uncontrolled lacking in restraint
adjourn verb to stop proceedings temporarily
alien noun a citizen of another country
comely adj having a pleasure experience
compensate verb to make up for
dissolute adj to loose in ones morals or behavior
erratic adj not regular or consistent
expulsion noun the process of driving or forcing out
feint noun a deliberately deceptive moment
fodder noun food for horses or cattle
fortify verb to strengthen or build up
illegible adj difficult or impossible to read
jeer verb to make fun rudely or unkindly
lucrative adj bringing in money
mediocre adj average, ordinary
proliferate verb to reproduce, increase
subjugate verb to conquer by force
sully verb to soil stain or tarnish
tantalize verb to tarnish or defile
terse adj brief and to the point
unflinching adj firm showing no signs of fear
abridge verb to make shorter
adherent noun to a follower or supporter
altercation noun an angry argument
cherubic adj resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful round or chubby face
condone verb to pardon or overlook
dissent verb to disagree
eminent adj famous or outstanding
exorcise verb to drive out by magic
fabricate verb to make or manufacture
irate adj angry
marauder noun a raider or plunderer
obesity noun excessive fatness
pauper noun an extremely poor person
pilfer verb to steak in small quantities
rift noun a split or break
semblance noun a likeness
surmount verb to overcome
terminate verb to bring to an end
trite adj commonplace
usurp verb to seize and hold a position by force
abscond verb to run off and hide
access noun to approach or get admittance to place
anarchy noun a lack of government
arduous adj hard to do
auspicious adj hard to do
biased adj favoring one side
daunt verb to overcome with fear
disentangle verb to free from tangles
fated adj determined in advance
hoodwink verb to mislead by a trick
inanimate adj not having life
incinerate adj not having life
intrepid adj very brave fearless unshakable
larceny noun theft
pliant adj bending easily
pompous adj overly self important
precipice noun a very steep cliff
rectify verb to make right
reprieve noun a temporary relief or delay
revile verb to attack with words
accomplice noun a person who takes part in a crime
annihilate verb to destroy completely
arbitrary adj unreasonable
brazen adj shameless
catalyst noun a substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction
exodus a large scale departure or flight
facilitate verb to make easier
incorrigible adj not able to be corrected
latent adj hidden present but not realized
militant adj given to fighting
morose adj having gloomy or sullen manner
opaque adj not letting light through
paramount adj chief in importance
prattle verb to talk aimlessly
rebut verb to offer arguments or evidence
reprimand verb to scold
servitude noun slavery forced labor
slapdash adj carelessly and hasty
stagnant adj not running or flowing
succumb verb to give way to superior force
atone verb to make up for
bondage noun slavery
credible adj believable
defray verb to pay for
diligent adj hard working
doleful adj sad
ghastly adj frightful
hamper verb to hold back
hew verb to shape or cut down
impoverished adj poor or in a state of poverty
incessant adj never stopping
intricate adj complicated
lucid adj easy to understand
posthumous adj occurring or published after death
prim adj overly neat
sardonic adj grimly or scornfully mocking
superfluous adj exceeding what is sufficient or required excess
supplant verb to take the place of supersede
taunt verb to jeer at mock
tenactious adj holding fast
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