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Biology Root Word #3

fun times

-oma growth
-dent tooth
osteo bone
pent five
avi bird
ante before
gastro stomach
prim first
nephro kidney
strat layer
baro pressure
arachn spider
botan plant
scien knowledge
-edema tumor
onco cancer
pep protein
di two
mut change
vita life
oct eight
cuti skin
contra against
loc location
spir breathe
helminth worm
oo egg
sub under
cili hair
astr star
pan all
ultra beyond
-emia blood
cyano blue
glycol sugar
extra beyond
-gen producing
hap half
myce fungus
-stasis staying
cerebro brain
temp time
aero air
angio vessel
pan all
ventr belly
pneumo lung
inocul implant
viv life
-graph writing
melano dark
poly many
-cide kill
ultra above
-plasty molding
telo last
erythro red
psycho mind
dors back
an not
antho flower
pulmo lung
oligo few
ubiqu everywhere
quin five
peri around
zyg egg
physio nature
-ectomy removal
Created by: Motorblade