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Flashcards used for Test 1

What does PLC stand for? Programmable Logic Controller
What PLC does our class use? CompactLogix 5380 (5069 L306ERM)
Controllers can operate in more complex systems via... EtherNet or IP network
4 Types of supported Programming Ladder Diagrams, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart
What is the End Cap? The end cap covers the exposed interconnections on the last module in the system.
What do we use to program the PLC? The Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment
What does HMI stand for? Human Machine Interface
How many tasks does our PLC support? 32
What is the MOD Power System-side power that powers the system and lets modules transfer data and execute logic.
What is the SA Power Field-side power that powers some Compact 5000 I/O modules and field-side devices that are connected to them.
Connections to the SA power bus use A shared common
A communication driver is made using Linx-based software (RSLinx Classic Gateway)
What is used to update the firmware ControlFLASH
What are the 3 modes RUN, REM, and PROG
When in RUN Mode features like online editing, program downloads, and firmware updates are prohibited
When Controller mode is set to REM what can you do Remote Run, Remote Program, Remote Test
What are the two methods to add local I/O modules to your project? Discover Modules, New Module
What does Electronic Keying do? reduces the possibility that you use the wrong device in a control system
What are the 3 Keying options? Compatible Module, Disable Keying, Exact Match
What are the conditions for Compatible Module • Same catalog number • Same or higher Major Revision • Minor Revision as follows: – If the Major Revision is the same, the Minor Revision must be the same or higher. – If the Major Revision is higher, the Minor Revision can be any number.
The Logix 5000 controller uses connections to transmit I/O data. These connections can be Direct Connections or Rack-Optimized Connection
The name of a tag is based on The location of the I/O module in the system
What is the address format (for actual I/O) Location:Slot:Type.Member.bit Ex. Local:2:O.Pt00.Data
What are the 4 Tag Types Base, Alias, Produced, Consumed
What is the minimum memory allocation for a Tag 4 bytes
Controller Tags are ____________ while Task Tags or Parameters are __________________ Global data, Local data
A _____________ lets you organize data to match your machine or process User-defined Data type (Structure)
an __________ creates multiple instances of a data type under a common tag name Array
Addressing Tag Data Format Name[Element].Member[Element].Bit
A/An ____________ lets you create one tag that represents another Alias Tag
Can operators be used to specify the subscript of an array YES
Use a __________ to override data that your logic either uses or produces. Force
How many tasks can the Logix 5000 controller run at a time? 1
A different task can __________ a task that is running and take control. Interrupt
In any given task, how many programs can run at a time? 1
If you want a section of your logic to run all the time use A Continuous Task
If used how many Continuous Tasks can there be? 1
If you want a section of your logic to run at a constant period or multiple times within the scan of your other logic use A Periodic Task
If you want a section of your logic to run immediately when an event occurs use An Event Task
Our DC Input I/O Card 5069-IB16F
Our DC Output I/O Card 5069-OB16
Our Analog Input I/O Card 5069-IY4
Our Analog Output I/O Card 5069-OF4
If you have too many tasks then The continuous task may take too long to complete
If a periodic or event task is triggered while another task is running, the __________ of each task indicates what the controller should do. Priority
How many Priority Levels does the CompactLogix have? 15 Levels
To share controller time between tasks... Give them the same priority level, and it will switch back and forth every 1 ms
If Task 's Trigger occurs while the Event Task is already running what happens? The trigger is disregarded
What is the instruction XIC Examine if Closed -| |- (Enable outputs when a bit is set)
What is the instruction XIO Examine if Open -|/|- (Enable outputs when a bit is cleared)
What is the instruction ONS One Shot (Enable outputs for one scan each time a rung goes true)
What is the instruction OTE Output Energize -( )- (Set a bit)
What is the instruction OTL Output Latch -(L)- (Set a bit retentive)
What is the instruction OTU Output Unlatch -(U)- (clear a bit retentive)
What is the instruction CTD Count Down (NOTE THAT .CD IS INVERTED)
What is the instruction CTU Count Up
What is the instruction RES Reset (Resets the tag it is marked with)
What is the instruction TON Timer On Delay (Time how long a timer is enabled)
What is the instruction TOF Timer Off Delay (Time how long a timer is disabled, NOTE THAT .DN IS INVERTED)
What is the instruction RTO Retentive Timer On (Keeps old value in timer when reset)
What is the instruction EQU Equal to (Has source A and source B)
What is the instruction GRT Greater Than (Has source A and source B)
What is the instruction GEQ Greater Than or Equal to (Has source A and source B)
What is the instruction LES Less Than (Has source A and source B)
What is the instruction LEQ Less Than or Equal to (Has source A and source B)
What is the instruction LIM Limit (If Test is between Low Limit and High Limit then True; Note that if Low Limit is larger than High Limit then it is True outside of the bounds rather than inside)
What is the instruction ADD Add (Has Source A, Source B, and Destination )
What is the instruction SUB Subtract (Has Source A from which it subtracts Source B, and Destination )
What is the instruction MUL Multiply (Has Source A, Source B, and Destination )
What is the instruction DIV Divide (Has Source A which it divides by Source B, and Destination )
What is the Preset of a counter The value to reach before done
What are the parts of a Counter Structure .CD or .CU (Countdown/up enable bit), .DN (The done bit) , .OV, (Overflow bit), .UN (Underflow bit), .PRE (Preset value), value to reach, .ACC (The accumulated value)
What are the parts of a Timer Structure .EN , .TT (Timer Timing) , .DN , .PRE (value to reach), .ACC (accumulated value)
What is the instruction NEQ Not Equal to (Has source A and source B)
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