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LE Test Vocab

Non-science terms from June 2019 Living Environment Regents

Accurate correct in all details
Affected influenced or changed by an external factor
Altered changed in a small way
Arrangement how something is set up or organized
Attempt trying to achieve something
Biodiversity the variety of life
Biology the study of living organisms
Component a part of a larger object or process
Consuming filling someone’s thoughts. Using up
Culture (of bacteria, for example) Microbes grown in the lab
Data facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
Deplete Use up supply or resources of
Describe Given account of words
Develop economically and socially advanced
Effective successfully and producing desired result
Electricity A form of energy from moving electrons
Environment A setting or conditions that surround you
Epidemic a disease occurring in such a way that spreads far and wide
Equilibrium a balance in biological systems (homeostasis)
Environmental wastes unwanted leftovers from a reaction in the environment that may harm the habitat
Created by: etucci