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Micro chapter 16-19

Exam 3

Normal microbiota that do not provide protection from infection they produce lysozyme
do not provide protection from phagocyte digestion formation of phagolysosomes
Not an antimicrobial effects of Amps
innate immunity non specific and present @ birth
don't protect the skin & mucous membrane from infection HCL
traps inhaled dust and microorganisms in mucus and propel it away from the lower respiratory tract culinary escalator
macrophages exhibits the highest phagogyitic activity
TLRs attach to all of the following except AMPs
differential cell count is used to determine each of the following except the number of red blood cells
complement protein cascade is the same for the classical pathway, alternative pathway, and lectin pathway after the point in the cascade where the activation of C3
increase blood vessel permeability except lysozyme
suffers a deep cut on her leg phagocytosis in the inflammatory response
margination adherence of phagocytes to the winning of blood vessels
Gamma interferon causes bactericidal activity by macrophages True
interference with viral replication is not an effect of complement activation
found normally in serum Complement
an effect of opsonization increase adherence of phagocytes to microorganisms
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