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PBSC- Scientific Thinking

Self feeders are known as _______. Autotrophs
The characteristic of living things that passes information to the next generation and involves the DNA of an organism. Heredity
The domain which contains "ancient" bacteria which are capable of living in very harsh environments and also utilize unusual energy sources. Domain Archaebacteria
Plants are this type of autotroph. Photosynthetic autotrophs
What is the characteristic of living things that is the ability to maintain the internal conditions when external conditions change? homeostasis
The ______ axis in a graph is the "X" axis. Horizontal
A hypothesis which has been well tested and has withstood the test of time. Theory
Those feeders which consume other organisms or compounds put together by other organisms. Heterotrophs
This is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. Hypothesis
In an experiment when one variable increases and the other variable increases also it is a called _____. Positive Correlations
The _____ axis in a graph is the "Y" axis. Vertical
Which kingdoms contain eukaryotic cell types? Kingdoms Animalia, Protista, Fungi, and Plantae
This is an example of a pathway that is catabolic. aerobic respiration
The _____ variable in an experiment is one that is created by the process being observed and whose value cannot be controlled. Dependent
True or False: Good experimental design would involve larger numbers of subjects (n) in order to draw general conclusions. True
Bacteria contained in this domain are the "everyday" variety, and are heterotrophs. Domain Eubacteria
This is an example of a metabolic pathway that is anabolic. photosynthesis
Bacteria found at the hydro-thermal vents that get their energy from stripping electrons from sulfates and nitrates are these types of autotrophs. Chemosynthetic autotrophs
Metabolic pathways in which molecules are broken down. (degradative pathways) Catabolism
The ______ variable in an experiment is a measurable entity that can be changed as needed by the people conducting the experiment. Independent
Metabolic pathways in which molecules are built (biosynthetic). Anabolism
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