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Food Micro Lecture 1

The basic introduction to food microbiology

What is food microbiology? Food microbiology is the study of microorganisms that inhibit, create or spoil food.
WWhat does food microbiology play an important role in? Food microbiology is important to food quality assurance in relation to food spoilage and safety. Also, it is important to the fermented food manufacturing business i.e. industrial microbiology
What are some of the important questions to ask in food microbiology? 1. What can a microorganism do? 2. How many are needed to cause a problem? 3. What is the normal habitat 4. Does the food usually have associated microorganisms? 5. How does it get into the food?
What are some more important questions to ask in food microbiology? 1. What does factory processing do to the organisms 2. What does normal consumer handling do? 3. Can the organism be monitored? 4. What imposition of standards be reasonable?
What are the indicator organisms used within the industry Indicator organisms are those that when present mean that contamination of a product has occured. These can be faecal bacteria, coliforms and enterobacteriaceae
What is the food safety triangle? The food safety triangle includes - predictive microbiology, risk assessment, and HACCP plans
What does HACCP stand for? HACCP is hazard analysis control points
What are the two food safety statutory bodies in New Zealand? 1. NZ Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) 2. Food Standards Aust. and NZ (FSANZ)
What is the role of NZFSA and FSANZ NZFSA police the food safety of local sale and all industrial export, and are involved in the auditing of companies in regards to food safety. Whereas, FSANZ sets the standards for composition and labelling
What is food safety? Food safety is the insurance that food is safe to consume by members of the public and will not cause infection or disease when prepared according to the intended use.
Why is food safety important? Food safety is important because it is necessary to protect human health, and governments are responsible for this. It is also important to reputation as a country cannot trade internationally without having a good reputation
What are the factors affecting food safety? - International Trade and Globalisation - Consumer demographics and lifestyle - New technologies - Changing hazards
How does international trade contribute to food safety? International trade allows for the rapid worldwide expansion in trade of food commodities. Increasing the complexity of food supply. To ensure minimisation of food outbreaks occur trade agreements are needed.
How does consumer demographics and lifestyle contribute to food safety Consumers are changing their eating patterns and demanding a wider variety of eating experiences. With more people comes more incidence of allergies. There is now more demand for certification/verification by food joints
How do new approaches in technology contribute to food safety? New methods of food processing and packaging introduces new risks meaning new methods of testing food for quality and safety must be implemented.
What is a food hazard? A food hazard is a biological, chemical or physical agent in food with the potential to cause an adverse health effect.
What are current food hazards? Biological = bacteria, viruses and parasites Chemical = pesticide residues, vet drugs Mycotoxins GMOs
What is the role of the Government in food safety It is the role of the government to protect consumers from illness caused from food and also provide assurance that it is suitable for consumption domestic and international. They can also provide health education.
What is the role of the Producer in food safety The role of the producer is the reduce unsafe products coming from the farm and ensuring they are provided safely and in high quality. Maintain confidence in international trade also
What is the role of the Consumer in food safety The role of the consumer is to follow relevant instructions and to apply appropriate food hygiene requirements in the storage, handling and preparation of food.
What is the codex? The Codex Alimentarius Commission is the joint efforts of FAO and WHO to protect the health of consumers and to ensure fair practices in international trade. Not legislated but provides foundation for food safety.
What is the cost of not having safe food? -Death or human illness -Loss of sales - Damaged reputation - Business closure
What are the benefits of food safety - Good relationships with consumers - Publicity - Access to world markets
Created by: franssenl
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