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vocablary words 2

Homeostasis regulation and maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
Respiration the action of breathing
Excretion the remal of liquid or gas from cells (gas carbon dioxide and liquid urea)
Synthesis building complex material from simple ones and incorporating them into the body
Egestion the elimination of solid waste(poop pee)
Metabolism all chemical (physiological) activities of the body
Organism any living thing(biotic)
Heterotrophic gets food from someplace else
Eukaryote(s) true nucleus ex. Plant and animal cell
Unicellular consisting of a single cell
Taxonomy is a branch of biology specializing in organizing living things
Chordate(s) animals with backbones
Multicellular many cells
Prokaryote(s) no true nucleus ex. Bacteria
Genus consist of more than one closely related species
Binomial noomenclature means “two name” naming system. Genus name first capitalized. Species name second.
Autotrophic makes there own food
Asexual one parent needed
Regulation all body activities that help in maintaining homeostasis
Kingdom contains group of organisms with similar shared characteristics
Created by: Katherine Acotsa