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Bag A container made of paper or plastic, that opens at the top, used especially in shops/stores
Purse A small bag made of leather, plastic, etc. for carrying coins and often also paper money, cards, etc., used especially by women
Wallet A small flat folding case made of leather or plastic used for keeping paper money and credit cards in
Suitcase A case with flat sides and a handle, used for carrying clothes, etc. when you are travelling
Watch To look at somebody/something for a time, paying attention to what happens
Keys A specially shaped piece of metal used for locking a door, starting a car, etc.
Money What you earn by working or selling things, and use to buy things
Headphones A piece of equipment worn over or in the ears that makes it possible to listen to music, the radio, etc. without other people hearing it
Gift A thing that you give to somebody, especially on a special occasion or to say thank you
Glasses A hard, usually transparent, substance used, for example, for making windows and bottles
ID card
Flashlight A small electric lamp that uses batteries and that you can hold in your hand
Newspaper A set of large printed sheets of paper containing news, articles, advertisements, etc. and published every day or every week
Button A small round piece of metal, plastic, etc. that is sewn onto a piece of clothing and used for fastening two parts together
Laptop A small computer that can work with a battery and be easily carried
Pen An instrument made of plastic or metal used for writing with ink
Book A set of printed pages that are fastened inside a cover so that you can turn them and read them
Tissues A collection of cells that form the different parts of humans, animals and plants
Kite A toy made of a light frame covered with paper, cloth, etc., that you fly in the air at the end of one or more long strings
Phone A system for talking to somebody else over long distances using wires or radio; a machine used for this; a telephone
Credit card A small plastic card that you can use to buy goods and services and pay for them later
Mug A tall cup for drinking from, usually with straight sides and a handle, used without a saucer
Whistle A small metal or plastic tube that you blow to make a loud high sound, used to attract attention or as a signal
Straw Stems of wheat or other grain plants that have been cut and dried. Straw is used for making mats, hats, etc
Ticket A printed piece of paper that gives you the right to travel on a particular bus, train, etc. or to go into a theatre
Basket A container for holding or carrying things. Baskets are made of thin strips of material that bends and twists easily, for example plastic, wire or wicker.
Cards A small piece of stiff paper or plastic with information on it, especially information about somebody’s identity
Flower The coloured part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops. Flowers usually grow at the end of a stem and last only a short time.
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