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Broken arm
Black eye An area of dark skin (called a bruise ), that can form around somebody’s eye when they receive a blow on it
Bandage A strip of cloth used for tying around a part of the body that has been hurt in order to protect or support it
Stretcher A long piece of strong cloth with a pole on each side, used for carrying somebody who is sick or injured and who cannot walk
Stomach ache Pain in or near your stomach
Medicine The study and treatment of diseases and injuries
Cough To force out air suddenly and noisily through your throat, for example when you have a cold
Rash An area of red spots on a person’s skin, caused by an illness or a reaction to something
Syringe A plastic or glass tube with a long hollow needle that is used for putting drugs
Scar A mark that is left on the skin after a wound has healed
Wheelchair A special chair with wheels, used by people who cannot walk because of illness, an accident, etc.
Band aid Material that can be stuck to the skin to protect a small wound or cut; a piece of this
Nose bleed
Stethoscope An instrument that a doctor uses to listen to somebody’s heart and breathing
Walking stick A stick that you carry and use as a support when you are walking
Broken leg
Crutches One of two long sticks that you put under your arms to help you walk after you have injured your leg or foot
Cut To make an opening or a wound in something, especially with a sharp tool such as a knife or scissors
X ray X-ray something to photograph and examine bones and organs inside the body, using X-rays
Sore throat
Headache A continuous pain in the head
Thermometer An instrument used for measuring the temperature of the air, a person’s body, etc.
Needle A very thin, pointed piece of steel used on the end of a syringe for putting a drug into somebody’s body, or for taking blood out of it
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