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Test 3

Spoon Excavator To manually remove excess carious dentin - removes temps - double ended
Round End Taper Diamond Bur Removes tooth structure & makes mechanical retention grooves
Burnisher An instrument with a smooth working end - Routinely used to smooth the surface of a freshly placed amalgam restoration
Burnisher Names Football T-Ball Ball Acorn Beavertail
Hollenback Carver To contour & carve occlusal & inter-proximal anatomy in amalgam restorations
Discoid Cleoid Carver Carves occlusal anatomy into amalgam restorations Discoid End: disc shaped Cleoid End: like a spade
Flat End Taper Diamond Bur Used for crown prep
Cylinder Burs Diamond Bur Smooth & finish walls in tooth preps
Flame Shaped Bur Diamond Bur Bevels in crown preps
Round Bur Diamond Bur Provides access to pulp chamber
Wheel Shaped Diamond Bur Used for anterior crown preps
Endodontics Diagnoses & treats diseases of the pulp
Dental Public Health Promotes oral health through organized community efforts
Prosthodontics Restores & replaces natural teeth
Orthodontics Specializes in intercepting, preventing, and correcting oral malocclusions and skeletal problems
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Deals with the diagnosis of disease through various forms of imaging, including X-ray films, MRI, and CT scans
Periodontics Specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the gums and supporting tissues
Pediatric Dentistry Treatment from birth through adolescence
Oral Pathology Diagnoses & treats diseases of the oral structures including biopsies
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dental surgical specialty that diagnoses & treats conditions of the mouth, face, upper & lower jaw including dental implants & extractions
RPM's of Low Speed Handpiece 10,000 - 40,000
RPM's of High Speed Handpiece up to 450,000
What factors are necessary for caries to develop? Susceptible teeth, bacteria, & fermentable diet
What is the goal of preventative dentistry? To help people attain optimal oral health
What is a finishing bur & what do we use it for? Smooth, trim, & finish
What is an ultrasonic handpiece & what do we use it for? Use it to scale & root planing Cavitron
What is the difference between gingivitis & periodontist? Gingivitis is inflammation of tissue Periodontitis is inflammation of supporting tissues of teeth
What is a dry angle & what would you use it for? An absorbent pad placed in the cheek to block the Stensen's duct
What is the process of cleaning a handpiece? Disinfect & sterilize
What type of handpiece fo you attach a prophy angle? Low speed
What type of instruments allow the operator to inspect the status of the oral cavity? Examination Instruments
How often should evacuation system hoses be flushed? End of every day
How do we remove water from the patients mouth? Saliva ejector & HVE
What are the different types of fluoride treatments? Non prescribed, prescribed, and systematic
Foods that cause caries are known as...? Fermentable Carbohydrates
What are the 2 sterilization zones? Contaminated & Clean
How do you transfer instruments with hinges? By the handle into the doctors palm.
What are the operator zones for a right-handed person? 2 o'clock & 4 o'clock
Explain what fluorosis is: Chronic exposure to fluoride
What is the difference between topical & systemic fluoride? Topical is applied directly & systemic is in fluoridated water, food, & supplements
What is soft, sticky, & adheres to the teeth? Biofilm AKA plaque
What are the clinical signs of gingivitis? Redness, swelling, and easy bleeding
Crown & Bridge Scissors Used to trim aluminum temporary crowns at the gingival margin, cuts gingival retraction cord, trims matrix bands, cuts dental dams, & trims bleaching trays
Condenser Used to pack & condense amalgam into cavity preparation
Explorer Examines teeth for decay, calculus, furcations, or other abnormalities
Amalgam Carrier Used to carry & dispense amalgam to the cavity preparation
Composite Instrument Used to carry composite resin to cavity preparation
Articulating Paper Holder Holds articulating paper
Wooden Wedges Used to hold matrix band in place along gingival margin
Tofflemire Used to maintain stability of matrix band during condensation of restorative material for class II prep.
How can you slow down the caries process? Fluoride, antibacterial rinses, decreased fermentable carbohydrates, & increased salivary flow
How do we detect caries? Visually, explore, xrays, indicator dyes, & laser detectors.
When you brush vigorously, you can cause what condition? Exposure of the root, abrasion & gingival recession
What type of bur would you use to remove decay? Round & Inverted
Laboratory Burs Used in the low-speed handpiece for functions such as cutting & polishing acrylic
Round Bur Initial entry into tooth structure, extend preparation, & remove decay
Created by: JenniH2327
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