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Urdu Verbs

English translation to a list of verbs in Urdu

Urdu (Romanized)English
Aana Arrive
Poochna Ask
Ghusal kerna Bathe
Banna Become
Shuru kerna Begin
Yakeen kerna Believe
Torhna Break
Brush kerna Brush
Khareedna Buy
Call kerna Call (phone)
Bulana Call over (shout for)
Hona To be
Kerna To do
Kehna Say
Wazahat kerna Explain
Sunna Hear/Listen
Jaana Go
Janna Know
Sochna Think
Dena Give
Bahir jana Go out
Koshish kerna Try
Chorna Stop/Quit
Dorna Run
Kar sakna Can
Saaf kerna Clean
Band kerna Close/Turn off
Aa Come
Pakana Cook
Sahee kerna Correct
Rona Cry
Kaatna Cut
Raqs kerna Dance
Kar Do
Khatoot andaazi kerna Draw
Khwaab dekhna Dream
Peena Drink
Khaana Eat
Daakhil hona Enter
Mitaana Erase
Jismani Varzish Exercise
Mojood hona Exist
Mehsoos kerna Feel
Mukammal kerna Finish
Bhoolna Forget
Jamna Freeze
Uthna Get up
Madad Help
Pakarhna Hold
Gaalay milna Hug
Hasna Laugh
Seekhna Learn
Chalay Jaana Leave
Pasand Like
Rehna Live
Dekhna Look/See/Watch
Muhabbat Love
Banana Make
Yaad kerna Memorize
Nishaana khata hona Miss
Zaroorat Need
Kholna Open
Ada kerna Pay
Uthaana Pick up
Tayar kerna Prepare
Khenchna Pull
Dhakka dena Push
Baarish Rain
Parhna Read
Yaad Remember
Kiraya dena Rent
Dohrana Repeat
Mushabahat hona Resemble
Izzat kerna Respect
Aaram kerna Rest
Waapas aana Return
Sawaari kerna Ride
Talaash kerna Search/Find
Farokht kerna Sell
Bhejna Send
khaana laana Serve
Kharidaari kerna Shop
Manazir beeni Sightsee
Gaana Sing
Sona Sleep
Bolna Speak
Kharha hona Stand
Rukna Stay
Mutaalia kerna Study
Paseena aana Sweat
Lena Take
Baat kerna Talk
Sikhaana Teach
SMS bhejna Text
Shukar ada kerna Thank
Safar kerna Travel
On kerna Turn on
Samajhna Understand
Istemaal kerna Use
Intezaar kerna Wait
Jaagna Wake up
Chalna Walk
Chahna Want
Kaam kerna Work
Likhna Write