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Chicken A large bird that is often kept for its eggs or meat
Hamburger Finely chopped beef made into a flat round shape that is then fried, often served in a bread roll
Chocolate A hard brown sweet food made from cocoa beans, used in cooking to add flavour to cakes, etc. or eaten as a sweet/candy
Noodles A long thin strip of pasta, used especially in Chinese and Italian cooking
Baguette A loaf of white bread in the shape of a long thick stick that is crisp on the outside and soft inside
Apple A round fruit with shiny red or green skin and firm white flesh
Sandwich Two slices of bread, often spread with butter, with a layer of meat, cheese, etc. between them a cheese sandwich
Peas A small round green seed, eaten as a vegetable. Several peas grow together inside a long thin pod on a climbing plant also called a pea.
Mangoes A tropical fruit with smooth yellow or red skin, soft orange flesh and a large seed inside
Muffin A type of round flat bread roll, usually toasted and eaten hot with butter
Oranges A round citrus fruit with thick reddish-yellow skin and a lot of sweet juice
Candy Sweet food made of sugar and/or chocolate, eaten between meals; a piece of this
Ketchup A thick cold sauce made from tomatoes, usually sold in bottles
Shrimp A small shellfish that can be eaten, like a prawn but smaller. Shrimps turn pink when cooked.
Coconuts The large nut of a tropical tree called a coconut palm.
Bananas A long curved fruit with a thick yellow skin and soft flesh, that grows on trees in hot countries
Fish A creature that lives in water, breathes through gills, and uses fins and a tail for swimming
Pie Fruit baked in a dish with pastry on the bottom, sides and top
Wine An alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes that has been left to ferment. There are many different kinds of wine.
Salt and pepper Having two colours that are mixed together, especially a dark colour and a light one
Eggs A small oval object with a thin hard shell produced by a female bird and containing a young bird; a similar object
Lamb Meat from a young sheep
Lettuce A plant with large green leaves that are eaten raw, especially in salad. There are many types of lettuce.
Broccoli A vegetable with a thick green stem and several dark green or purple flower heads
Lime A small green fruit, like a lemon, with a lot of sour juice, used in cooking and in drinks; the juice of this fruit
Milk The white liquid produced by cows, goats and some other animals as food for their young and used as a drink by humans
Peppers A hollow fruit, usually red, green or yellow, eaten as a vegetable either raw or cooked
Pork Meat from a pig that has not been cured (preserved using salt or smoke)
Sushi A Japanese dish of small cakes of cold cooked rice, flavoured with vinegar and served with raw fish, etc. on top
Avocado A tropical fruit with hard, dark green skin, soft, light green flesh and a large seed inside.
Tomatoes A soft fruit with a lot of juice and shiny red skin that is eaten as a vegetable either raw or cooked
Beef Meat that comes from a cow
Coffee The roasted seeds (called coffee beans) of a tropical bush; a powder made from them
Lobster A sea creature with a hard shell, a long body divided into sections, eight legs and two large claws (curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things).
Lemonade A sweet fizzy drink ( with bubbles) with a lemon flavour
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