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DNH 111

Evidence of calcification for maxillary central incisors is seen at 3 months
Eruption of maxillary central incisors and Mandibular lateral incisors take place 7-8 years
The root completion for maxillary central incisors and mandibular lateral incisors 10 years
Evidence of calcification of maxillary lateral incisors 1 year
Eruption of maxillary lateral incisors take place 8-9 years
root completion of maxillary lateral incisors 11 years
How many developmental lobes do maxillary central and lateral incisors have? 4
Evidence of calcification of mandibular central incisors? 3 months
Eruption of mandibular central incisors take place 6-7 years
The root completion for mandibular central incisors 9 years
Evidence of calcification of mandibular lateral incisors is seen at 4 months
Functions of incisors cut food articulate speech support lips guide mandible during movement
What tooth has the longest incisor crown Maxillary central incisor
Which way does the CEJ curve on all incisors toward apex
Which way does the marginal ridges converge on all incisors toward cingulum
Which surface is narrower on all incisors lingual surface
Maxillary centrals have _______, _________ crown wider, longer
Maxillary laterals are relatively _________ mesiodistally narrower
What tooth are more often missing or peg shaped maxially laterals
The maxillary central has a mesioincisal angle at nearly a ______ angle right
Which maxillary incisors have both mesioincisal and distoincisal angles that are more rounded? Maxillary Laterals
What is Perikymata (imbrication lines of peckerill) where the margin of each enamel layer reaches the free surface of the enamel
Which maxillary incisor tooth has a longer root Maxillary lateral incisor
Which maxillary incisor has a shorter, thicker, more cone shaped root? Maxillary central incisor
Which way does the root of the maxillary lateral incisor general bend? distally at apex
The maxillary laterals are more likely to have a deeper _______ and pits than centrals? lingual fossae
Which way does the cingulum of the maxillary central incisor go off center towards the distal (incisal view)
The cingulum of the maxillary lateral incisor are more centered, off to the right or off to the left centered
The maxillary centrals (distal view) may have a distoincisal corner showing due to what? distolingual twist of incisal edge
From the proximal view on all anterior teeth, the mesial CEJ curves more or less than the distal? more
from the proximal view , The largest CEJ curve for all teeth is the _____ of maxillary central incisor mesial
Where is the height of contour located on the maxillary incisors? cervical third
The maxillary lateral (incisal view) appears what shape round or oval
The maxillary central (incisal view) appears what shape triangular
From the incisal view , the maxillary centeral exibits a ________ twist of the incisal edge, the lateral does not distolingual
The mandibular lateral is bigger or smaller than the centeral ? bigger
Which angle is more rounded on the mandibular lateral? distoincisal
The mesio- and distoincisal angles are _____ on central mandibular incisors equal
Mandibular incisors have how many mamelons three
The mandibular central incisors have a mesioincial angle that is greater/lessor/or equal to its distoincisal angle? equal
The lateral mandibular incisor (labial view) has a more /less rounded distoincial angle more
The roots of mandibular incisors appear to be longer/shorter than its crown? longer
The root shape of mandibular incisors from the labial view is bent to the distal/mesial distal
Fused teeth have how many roots two
germination of teeth have how many roots one
If germination occurs, its most likely going to occur on which tooth maxillary central incisor
In maxillary incisors that are considered shovel -shaped , the prominence of the
Created by: kbowman12
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