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Jeans Trousers/pants made of strong cotton, especially denim
Blazer A jacket, not worn with matching trousers/pants, often showing the colours or badge of a club, school, team, etc.
Backpack A large bag, often supported on a light metal frame, carried on the back and used especially by people who go climbing or walking
Slippers A loose soft shoe that you wear in the house
Apron A piece of clothing worn over the front of the body, from the chest or the waist down, and tied around the waist
Sneakers A shoe that you wear for sports or as informal clothing
Tracksuit A warm loose pair of trousers/pants and matching jacket worn for sports practice or as informal clothes
Mittens A type of glove that covers the four fingers together and the thumb separately
Flip flops A type of sandal (= open shoe) that has a piece of leather, etc. that goes between the big toe and the toe next to it
Crown An object in the shape of a circle, usually made of gold and precious stones, that a king or queen wears on his or her head on official occasions
Boots A strong shoe that covers the foot and ankle and often the lower part of the leg
Polo shirt An informal shirt with short sleeves, a collar and a few buttons at the neck
Cargo shorts Pants that end above or at the knee
Sandals A type of light open shoe that is worn in warm weather. The top part consists of leather bands that attach the sole to your foot.
Goggles A pair of glasses that fit closely to the face to protect the eyes from wind, dust, water, etc.
Sunglasses A pair of glasses with dark glass in them that you wear to protect your eyes from bright light from the sun
Hoodie A jacket or a sweatshirt with a hood
Blouse A piece of clothing like a shirt, worn by women
Bow tie A man’s tie that is tied in the shape of a bow and that does not hang down
Helmet A type of hard hat that protects the head, worn, for example, by a police officer, a soldier or a person playing some sports
Cap A type of soft flat hat with a peak (a hard curved part sticking out in front).
Raincoat A long light coat that keeps you dry in the rain
High heels Shoes that have very high heels, usually worn by women
Cardigan A knitted jacket made of wool, usually with no collar and fastened with buttons at the front
Swimming trunks A piece of clothing covering the lower part of the body and sometimes the top part of the legs, worn by men and boys for swimming
Headphones A piece of equipment worn over or in the ears that makes it possible to listen to music, the radio, etc. without other people hearing it
Handbag A small bag for money, keys, etc., carried especially by women
Dressing gown A long loose piece of clothing, usually with a belt, worn indoors over night clothes, for example when you first get out of bed
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