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BIO Lab Exam 1

Subjects that are not exposed to the experiment and are not tested on Control Group
Subject in the experiment that doesn't change Constant
Make an observation Step 1 of Scientific Method
Ask a question Step 2 of Scientific Method
Form a hypothesis Step 3 of the Scientific Method
Design and conduct experiment Step 4 of Scientific Method
Analyze results Step 5 of Scientific Method
Accept or reject hypothesis Step 6 of Scientific Method
D.R.Y Dependent Responding Y-Axis
M.I.X Manipulated Independent X-Axis
Properties of Water Cohesion, Moderation of Temp, Versatility as a Solvent, Expansion upon Freezing
H bonds b/w water molecules cause them to stick together Cohesion
What does pH measure? The concentration of H+ and OH- ions in a solution
Abundance of H+ ions is? Acidic
Abundance of OH- ions is? Base
Sharing of electron pairs b/w atoms Covalent Bonding
(-) charged oxygen atom is attracted to the (+) charged H+ atoms of another water molecule Hydrogen Bonds
Density formula D=M/V
Mass and Volume measurements (G) and (cm3 or ml)
Linear measurements formula LxWxH
Displacement formula Final Volume-Initial Volume
How many drops of unknown? (lab 6) 5 drops
How many drops Positive/Negative Control? (lab 6) 5 drops
How many drops of Lugol's Iodine? (lab 6) 2 drops
Which test requires heat? (lab 6) Glucose Test
How many drops of Benedict's Biuret? 5 drops
What is the REAGENT for the Protein Test? Biurets (purple)
What is the REAGENT for the Simple Sugars (Reducing Sugars) test? Benedicts (lime green)
What is the REAGENT for the Starch (Complex Carbohydrates) test? Iodine (black/dark purple)
What is the REAGENT for the Lipids Test? Sudan IV (red band)
King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk....Milk No Kilo, Hecto, Deca, 0, Deci, Centi, Mili, Mirco, Nano
Created by: vinaluu45
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