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Science Test II

What scientific order is the gorilla Primate
What genus is the gorilla Gorilla
They are peaceful, family oriented ____ ____ plant eaters
Largest group of all _____ which includes monkeys, lemurs, orangutans and chimpanzees primates
They can stand _____ but prefer _____ using their hands and feet upright; walking
Their arms are much longer than their legs and they use the backs of their hands for support when walking is knuckle walking
They depend on the ______ areas for food and shelter rain forest/forest
The forest depends on the gorilla scat for ____. Seedling sprout quickly from it fertilizer
_____ males eat up to 40lbs of food daily adult
Their huge _____ are used to tear through tough, thick stems Teeth
Gorilla food includes _____, _______, _____, seeds, roots, ants and termites leaves, stems, fruits
Illegal _____ and ____ and mining companies are destroying gorilla _____ hunting, logging;habitat
The ____ virus has recently killed many gorillas on preserves EBOLA
Cellphones contain a rare ____ that is fond in Central Africa. ore
The mining of ____ has destroyed the gorilla's habitat. These miners also kill the gorilla for food colton
The big toe of a gorilla's foot is ____ like your thumb. It uses this toe to help it grab food or climb trees opposable
A group of gorilla's living together is called a _____ troop
The strong experienced male that leads the troop is called the _____ silverback
The silverback makes all the decisions for the troop such as where to ____ and where to spend the night forage
Gorillas build _______ on the ground after eating all morning. day nests
After a rest, they eat all afternoon and build ______ on the ground or up in a tree. They never use the same nest twice night nest
Male gorillas will sometimes scream and ___ their chest to frighten off other male gorillas beat
Gorillas in the wild have no natural enemies but are at _____ _____ because of man ______ ______
People in the area hunt gorilla for a food called _______ bushmeat
Gorillas in the wild have no natural enemies but are at _____ _____ because of a man Critical Risk
Created by: Sugarrey1
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