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Infection Control

Extra credit for Infection control

What does PPE stand for? Personal protective equipment
What are the classifications of instruments? critical, semi critical, and non critical
What are some ways to pre-clean? hand scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, instrument-washing machine
When immunity is obtained by recovery from a disease it is called _____ immunity? Active
How many sections are there on the SDS sheet? 16
What's the chain of infection? causative agent, susceptible host, and mode of transmission
Does every state have the same OSHA standards? False
Human prion affect which of the following? Brain
To what does the term "standard precautions" refer? Treating all blood and certain bodily fluids as infectious.
What are the forms of heat sterilization? steam, chemical vapor, dry heat
Infectious waste is defined as which of the following? It is contaminated waste that is capable of transmitting an infectious disease
Which of the following is a persistent infection in which the symptoms come and go? Latent Infection
_______ is responsible for 34% of all types of acute viral hepatitis. HBV
Which of the following is true in regarding the role of the CDC in infection control? The CDC issues specific recommendations on health-related matters, based on sound scientific evidence.
Waste that has had contact with blood or other body fluids is considered contaminated and is disposed of as which of the following types of waste in most states? General
which of the following diseases is commonly known as "lockjaw" Tetanus
Under the Occupational Exposure Determination, which members of the dental staff fall under category 1? Sterilization assistant and laboratory technician
The number of pathogenic microorganisms can be directly related to which of the following? Bioburden
What type of microorganisms are known as obligate intracellular parasites, meaning they can live and multiply only inside the appropriate host cell? Viruses
______Transmission means touching or contact with the patient's blood or saliva. Direct
Created by: chantel_schuster