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Eyes Either of the two organs on the face that you see with eyes
Teeth Any of the hard white structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing food
Toes One of the five small parts that stick out from the foot
Head The part of the body on top of the neck containing the eyes, nose, mouth and brain
Eyebrow The line of hair above the eye
Ears Either of the organs on the sides of the head that you hear
Hair The substance that looks like a mass of fine threads growing especially on the head; one of these threads growing on the body of people and some animals
Shoulder Either of the two parts of the body between the top of each arm and the neck
Tongue The soft part in the mouth that moves around, used for tasting, swallowing, speaking
Bones Any of the hard parts that form the skeleton of the body of a human or an animal
Hand The part of the body at the end of the arm, including the fingers and thumb
Finger One of the four long thin parts that stick out from the hand (or five, if the thumb is included)
Knee The joint between the top and bottom parts of the leg where it bends in the middle
Moustache A line of hair that a man allows to grow on his upper lip
Ankle The joint connecting the foot to the leg
Nose The part of the face that sticks out above the mouth, used for breathing and smelling things
Leg One of the long parts that connect the feet to the rest of the body
Thumb The short thick finger at the side of the hand, slightly apart from the other four
Neck The part of the body between the head and the shoulders
Heel The back part of the foot below the ankle
Mouth The opening in the face used for speaking, eating
Beard Hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of a man’s face; similar hair that grows on some animals
Elbow The joint between the upper and lower parts of the arm where it bends in the middle
Belly A large stomach that sticks out
Armpit The part of the body under the arm where it joins the shoulder
Arm Either of the two long parts that stick out from the top of the body and connect the shoulders to the hands
Foot The lowest part of the leg, below the ankle, on which a person or an animal stands
Wrist The joint between the hand and the arm
Chin The part of the face below the mouth and above the neck
Belly button The small hollow part or lump in the middle of the stomach where the umbilical cord was cut at birth
Wings One of the parts of the body of a bird, insect or bat that it uses for flying
Feathers One of the many soft light parts covering a bird’s body
Tail The part that sticks out and can be moved at the back of the body of a bird, an animal or a fish
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