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Eagle A large bird of prey (a bird that kills other creatures for food) with a sharp curved beak and very good sight
Swan A large bird that is usually white and has a long thin neck. Swans live on or near water.
Bee A black and yellow flying insect that can sting. Bees live in large groups and make honey (a sweet sticky substance that is good to eat).
Tortoise A reptile with a hard round shell, that lives on land and moves very slowly. It can pull its head and legs into its shell.
Wolf A large wild animal of the dog family, that lives and hunts in groups
Lion A large powerful animal of the cat family, that hunts in groups and lives in parts of Africa and southern Asia
Owl A bird of prey (a bird that kills other creatures for food) with large round eyes, that hunts at night
Caterpillar A small creature like a worm with legs, that develops into a butterfly or moth (flying insects with large, sometimes brightly coloured, wings).
Gorilla A very large powerful African ape (an animal like a large monkey without a tail) covered with black or brown hair
Hippo A large heavy African animal with thick dark skin and short legs, that lives in rivers and lakes
Goat An animal with horns and a coat of hair, that lives wild in mountain areas or is kept on farms for its milk or meat
Snail A small soft creature with a hard round shell on its back, that moves very slowly and often eats garden plants
Beetle An insect, often large and black, with a hard case on its back, covering its wings. There are several types of beetle.
Kangaroo A large Australian animal with a strong tail and back legs, that moves by jumping. The female carries its young in a pocket of skin (called a pouch) on the front of its body.
Parrot A tropical bird with a curved beak. There are several types of parrot, most of which have bright feathers.
Whale A very large animal that lives in the sea and looks like a very large fish. There are several types of whale, some of which are hunted.
Grasshopper An insect with long back legs, that can jump very high and that makes a sound with its legs
Ant A small insect that lives in highly organized groups. There are many types of ant.
Camel An animal with a long neck and one or two humps on its back, used in desert countries for riding on or for carrying goods
Lizard A small reptile with a rough skin, four short legs and a long tail
Rat A small animal with a long tail, that looks like a large mouse, usually considered a pest (an animal which is disliked because it destroys food or spreads disease)
Zebra An African wild animal like a horse with black and white lines (stripes) on its body
Donkey An animal of the horse family, with short legs and long ears. People ride donkeys or use them to carry heavy loads.
Scorpion A small creature like an insect with eight legs, two front claws (curved and pointed arms) and a long tail that curves over its back and can give a poisonous sting.
Squirrel A small animal with a long thick tail and red, grey or black fur. Squirrels eat nuts and live in trees.
Bear A heavy wild animal with thick fur and sharp claws (pointed parts on the ends of its feet). There are many types of bear.
Dolphin A sea animal (a mammal ) that looks like a large fish with a pointed mouth. Dolphins are very intelligent and often friendly towards humans. There are several types of dolphin.
Octopus A sea creature with a soft round body and eight long arms, that is sometimes used for food
Deer An animal with long legs, that eats grass, leaves, etc. and can run fast. Most male deer have antlers (horns shaped like branches). There are many types of deer.
Peacock A large male bird with long blue and green tail feathers that it can spread out like a fan
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