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Boliology 111 part 1

Atom Are units of matter that Connot be broken down into simpler substances
Molecule Is a chemical structure held together by covalent bonds
Characteristics of living things ? Living thing grow and reproduce Living things are made of cells Living things contain lipids proteins carbohydrates and nucleic acids Living things maintain homeostasis
Tissue A group of similar cells that perform the same functions
Individual A single organism
How to identify a reliable website Ask who is the author, google searching, investigate more about the website, what is the purpose, when the information was posted etc.
When using the scientific method you make observations and form a statement called a Hypothesis
Organ A structure with two or more tissues working together to perform a function
Population All individuals of the same species in an area
Community All the species ln an ecosystem that can interact
Ecosystem A community and it’s physical environment
Biosphere Is that part of the earth where life was found
Science Is a systematic approach to answering those questions
Created by: Jhabana0