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Cells 2

Cell Membranes

Cell plasma membrane is a fundamental part of every living True
Fluorescently labelling the molecules of interest, bleaching the label in one small area, and then measuring the speed of signal recovery as molecules migrate back into the bleached area. What is this method called? FRAP
What chemical property characterizes the interior of phospholipid bilayer? It is hydrophobic
Ion channels are examples of active transporters False
How are active transport and coupled transport related? Coupled transport uses the concentration gradient established by active transport to move molecules
Peptide bonds are polar and thus must be covalently modified before proteins can be inserted into the membrane False
Which of the following statements is TRUE Membrane lipids diffuse within the plane of the membrane
The principal intracellular cations in the cytosol are potassium ions
A ___________ solution bounded by a differentially permeable membrane has proportionately fewer water molecules and more solute molecules than the adjacent solution. hypertonic
The relative molar concentrations of potassium inside the cells of a certain red algae growing in sea water is much higher than in the surrounding water. In order to do this, the cells must use: ATP as an energy source
Active transport requires the input of energy into a system so as to move solutes against their electrical and concentration gradients (electrochemical). Which of the following is NOT one of the common ways cells perform active transport? K+-coupled
Which of the following has the lowest rate of diffusion across an artificial membrane? glucose
Which region of the phospholipid are hydrophilic “water-loving”? the phosphate group
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