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Final Study Guide

What covers entire skeletal muscles and separates them from each other? Fascia
What is a durable protein that makes the epidermis water proof and resistant to bacteria and viruses Keratin
Tough, cord like structures that connect muscles to bones Tendons
Seat glands produce a watery type of sweat and are activated primarily by heat Eccrine
What happens when supple of oxygen in blood is low The skin looks rather pale or bluish in color
What can help reduce muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles Thermotherapy
Long bone in the upper are Humerus
A surgeon inserts wires or tongs into the patients bones and then attaches them to pulleys and weights to provide continuous traction skeletal traction
What is the large hole at the base of the occipital bone foramen magnum
Treatment for myasthenis gravis and fibromyalgia includes lifestyle changes to avoid stress
What position does the patient sit s at the edge of the examining table without back support. Sitting
Burn that involves only the epidermis is and is characterized by pain,redness,and swelling Superficial or first degree
signs and symptoms include abdominal pain,diarrhea, muscle pain,fever,and pneumonia is what? trichinosis
What lists signs and symptoms of malignant melanoma The ABCDE rule
_____ muscle fibers contract and relax together resulting in peristalsis. Smooth
bacteria in improperly canned foods. Botulism
The attachment site for the less movable bone when a muscle contracts is the? Origin
What position doe the patient lie flat on the back with the hands to the side or on the abdomen Supine position
What is caused by a toxin produced by Clostridium tetani. Tetanus
Enlarged lyph noes may be a sign of? Infection or a blood cancer
A protractor device that is used to measure a patients rang of motion Goniometer
A skin condition that has characteristics of distinctive silver,scaly skin lesions Psoriasis
Glands that are activated primarily by nervousness,pain, or stress, although they can also be activated by heat. Apocrine
Who is responsible for determining the type and length of therapy to be used. Physician and physical therapist.
What raises the arms and pulls the shoulders downward? trapezirus
Burn that involves all layers or the skin and often the underlying structures such as muscles and bones: the skin frequently looks black of charred. A full thickness or third-degree burn
What are especially useful for patients with weaknesses on one side off the body? canes
What runs through the temporal bones External auditory meatus
What can stimulate bones to increase in density Walking briskly
an ideal tool for regaining muscle strength in a badly injured leg. Used by many patients who cannont walk on land but use their legs remarkably well in water. aquatic therapy
Use of whirlpools and contrast baths and underwater exercises is an example of what hydrotherapy
What is ROM (range of motion) the degree to which a joint is able to move
what is ROM measured in Degrees using a goniometer
What muscles compress the abdominal wall external and internal oblique muscles
What results from shaving or excess rubbing of skin areas Folliculitis
The perimysium divides a muscle in sections called? Fascicles
What divides a muscle into sections called fascicles perimusium
What help diagnose the causes of bone pain, arthritis, bone infection, and bone cancers Bone scans
What is found in the blood vessels Multi-unit smooth muscle
Exam characteristics such as texture, temperature, shape, and the presence of vibration or movements. Palpation
The waters_____ takes pressure off the joints, making under water exercise particularly useful for patients with painful or limited movement. buoyancy
what is also called a shoulder blade,thin, triangular-shaped flat bone. Scapula
Melanoma at an advanced stage may need? chemotherapy
what causes crutch palsy? Crutch that are too long putting pressure on nerves in the armpit.
How many marble-sized carpal bones does the wrist consists of? 8
Eczema is thought to be a type of______ or the results of an often unknown underlying ________? allergy, Inflammatory condition
What is an example of a moist heat treatment? Hot compress
What is make largely of adipose and loose connective tissue Subcutaneous layer or hypodermis
be caused or exacerbated by sleep disturbance or emotional distress, among other things. Counseling to help develop better coping skills may improve the woman condition. Fibromyalgia
Sweat glands produce sweat that contains a high amount of protein Apocrine
Caused by sdtaphylococcal and streptoccal bacteria Cellulitis
A spine curvature that most often occurs at the thoracic level and is often referred to as humpback Kyphosis
Warming up muscles makes the more? pliable
What does stretching do? Improves muscle performance
The patient lies on his back with his knees drawn up and his feet flat on the table dorsal recumbent position
what abducts the thighs and rotates them medially gluteus medius
the bones that form the front of the foot metatarsals
What do you use to obtain a patients height and weight? Mensuration
Do not remove the shit and use cool water with burn? true ? False? True
What position allows the practitioners to access both the front and the back of the patients chest to listen for air sounds sitting position
AN alternative to the sims or knee chest position for anal or rectal examinations The proctologic
Most aggressive skin cancer Malignant melanoma
What forms part of the floor of the cranium The ethmoid bones
Uses the bodys storage of glucose to make ATP Aerobic respiration
Physical therapy treatments include? cold,heat,water,exercise,massage,and traction
Most common treatments for gout pain medication and elimination of foods that cause the formation of uric acid(meats fish )
What produces body movements and facial expressions skeletal muscle
contains intercalted discs and is self-exciting cardiac muscle
a new mole or an existing mole that itches or bleed may be a warning sign of malignant melanoma
Patient lies face down on the examination table with the head turned to one side and that arms at ht sides or bent at the elbows Prone
Treatment for pagets disease include? surgery,hip replacements,medication,and physical therapy
Where are flat bones primarily located skull and rib cage
What forms most of the top and sides of the skull? Parietal bones
Like most of the bones of the skull,, the ______ bone is a flat bone. Occipital
Practitioners often use what to determine a joints range of motion manipulation
What is it called when determine the correct diagnosis when two or more diagnoses are possible differential diagnosis
what is often used to treat ewing sarcoma family of tumors and osteosarcoma chemotherapy
what forms the palm of the hand metacarpals
what nutrients are found in dairy products, broccoli,kale, spinach,salmon..... bone- building
an attachment site for the more movable bone during muscle contraction insertion
when you turn you head side to side the_______ pivots around the____ atlas(first cervical vertebra) and axis(second cervical vertebra_)
a condition in which bones become thin or more porous over time Osteoporosis
the process of listening to body sounds to detect the flow of blood through an artery and to assess sounds from the heart lungs and abdominal organs Auscultation
a quick way to estimate the extent of body surface area affected by a burn the rule of 9
the use of a stethoscope to perform assessment of the heat, ling, and bowl sounds. Auscultation
covers the epiphyses of long bones Articular cartilage
the cause of blood vessel dilation in ____ is unknown rosacea
the patient works against resistance or counter pressure to increase muscle strength active resistance exercises
how many metatarsals in each foot 5
a hot water bottle is a form of what kind of treatment dry heat treatment
an abnormal s shaped lateral curvature of the thoracic or lumbar spin Scoliosis
What position is the female genitalia examination done in lithotomy position
using hands to pull the patients limb or head gently manual traction
membrane that surrounds the diaphysis periosteum
a special device intermittently pulls and relaxes a prescribed body part such as the neck mechanical traction
muscle pulls the head to one side and also pulls the dead to the chest sternocleidomatoid
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