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Micro-Lab Pr. 1

Gram stain procedure 1-Flood w/primary stain (crystal violet) for 1-min, rinse w/H2O. 2-Flood w/mordant (iodine) for 1-min, rinse w/H2O. 3-Rinse w/decolorizer (1/2 alcohol, 1/2 acetone) for 3-5 secs, rinse w/H2O. 4-Flood w/counterstain (safranin) for 1 min, rinse w/H2O, blot.
Why do you heat fix slides? stick (adhere) the microbe to the slide and to kill the microbe
microbe is put in or on a ____ media
microbe growing in or on a media culture
putting any microbe in or on a media inoculation
moving microbe to media without contamination aseptic transfer
steps of aseptic transfer turn on bunsen burner, flame inoculating loop/needle, gently shake to cool, flame microbe tube, get microbe specimen, flame microbe tube, flame media tube, put specimen onto/into media, flame media tube, flame inoculating loop/needle
rules of care for microscope always use 2 hands, start with 4x objective, use coarse focus only with 4x and 10x objectives, lens paper, stage down and slide off, light down and off, 4x objective in place, cord in place
Endospore stain procedure 1-Flood with primary stain (malachite green) with filter paper over steam 15-mins, rinse with H2O. 2-Rinse with decolorizer (H2O). 3-Flood with counterstain (safranin) 1-min, rinse with H2O, blot dry.
alpha hemolysis partial hemolysis; green halos
beta hemolysis complete hemolysis; clear halos
gamma hemolysis non-hemolytic; no destruction to RBCs
Acid Fast stain steps 1-Flood w/primary stain (carbolfuchsin) w/filter paper over steam 15-mins, rinse w/ H2O. 2-Rinse w/decolorizer (acid-alcohol) 5-10 secs, rinse w/H2O. 3-Flood w/counterstain (methylene blue) for 2-mins, rinse w/H2O, blot dry
acid fast stain result fuschia acid fast
acid fast stain result blue non-acid fast
Acid fast stain: what does primary stain (carbolfuchsin) break down? mycolic acid (waxy lipids)
Capsule stain: is it simple or differential? What is a capsule? differential stain; protective sugar coating
negative stain: what is being stained? simple or differential stain? background; simple
acid fast is used to stain what bacteria? mycobacterium
two mycobacterium diseases tuberculosis and leprosy
fermentation test: red result? no fermentation; pH alkaline
fermentation test: yellow result with no bubble homolactic
fermentation test: yellow result with bubble heterolactic
fermentation test: turning yellow means what? fermentation happening and pH is acidic
endospore stain: what stains green? what stains pink? green-endospores, pink-bacteria
Eukarya slides: protista Balantidium Toxoplasma Trichomonas Trypanosoma Candida Plasmodium Giardia
Eukarya slides: fungus Penicillium Aspergillus Rhizopus
Acid fast: primary stain? decolorizer? counterstain? carbolfuchsin, acid-alcohol, methylene blue
Gram stain: primary stain? mordant? decolorizer? counterstain? crystal violet, iodine, 1/2 alcohol 1/2 acetone, safrinin
Endospore stain: primary stain? decolorizer? counterstain? malachite green, water, safrinin
two bacteria that can produce endospores for survival? Clostridium botuli, Bacillus anthracis
Created by: nurse savage