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Weather Test

Weather Test- Ms.White CMS

How does the temperature relate to density? As temperature decreases density increases
After water evaporates and turns into water vapor what happens higher in the air? Water vapor condenses
What state of matter is rain? Liquid
What state of matter is sleet? Liquid and Solid
What state of matter is snow? Solid
What state of matter is hail? Solid
After water evaporates into the atmosphere, what is the next stage of the water cycle? Condensation
What is the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet? Atmosphere
What type of air is less dense and rises? Warm air
What is it called when a cold air mass advances on a warm air mass? Cold front
When a cold front advances on a warm air mass what type of weather is expected to follow? Thunderstorms
When water evaporates, it changes from a liquid to a what? Gas
When water evaporates and then condenses what is formed in the sky? Clouds
Where does the energy for all weather originate from? The sun's radiation
There is a puddle on the sidewalk before school, but not after. What happened to the water puddle? It evaporated
What type of thermal energy transfer is the heat transfer by contact? Conduction
What type of thermal energy transfer is the heat transfer through space? Radiation
What type of thermal energy transfer is the heat transfer method of hot fluids rising and cold fluids sinking? Convection
When an object falls downward towards Earth, the updraft is what compared to gravity? Weaker than
A hailstone is suspended in a cloud, what forces are acting on the hailstone? Gravity- Pulling Down Updraft- Pushing Up
What are small particles in the air that water vapor can stick to as it cool down to form a cloud? Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN)
What are examples of cloud condensation nucli? Dust, Ash, Pollen, Pollutants
What three steps of the water cycle mainly occur due to the force of gravity? Precipitation, Infiltration, Surface Flow
Cold air is _______________ than hot air? More Dense
Hot air is _______________ than cold air? Less Dense
When an updraft is __________ gravity, an object will stay suspended in the cloud. equal to
What conditions are best for a hail storm? Hot, sunny summer day
Earth is colder at the ______________ and warmer at the ______________. poles; equator
Which direction do most storms move over the United States? Northeast
South Carolina has warm ocean waters. What is the reason? The warm Gulf Stream current pulling water from the equator
What is the line called that wraps horizontally around the center of the earth? Equator
How much humidity is needed to form clouds? 100 % relative humidity
The best scenario for the largest storm is a hot ground temperature, cold atmosphere temperature and 100% humidity. (True/False) True
Amount of water vapor in the air Humidity
Movement in air moving sideways or horizontally Wind
A substance such as a liquid or a gas tending to flow or conform to the outline of its container Fluid
Same amount of matter takes up a different amount of volume Density
Motion of a gas or liquid in which the warmer portions rise and the colder portions sink Convection
Any type of solid particle the water sticks to as it cools down Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN)
Anything we can describe or measure about the state of the atmosphere Weather
Cooling a substance turns it from a gas to a solid Deposition
Used to identify where two different air masses meet Front
A large body of air with uniform temperature and humidity Air mass
Created by: JCWhite
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