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Fissured Tongue

Fissured Tongue for Oral Pathology Review from RealizeIt (E. Andrews)

Describe the clinical features of Fissured Tongue. The dorsal surface of the tongue with deep grooves/furrows ranging in depth of 2-6mm. Some patients have minimal fissuring, while others have grooves deep enough to almost divide the tongue into distinct sections.
Describe the demographics of patients diagnosed with Fissured Tongue. The prevalence ranges from 2% to 5% of the overall population. This defect is seen in children or adults. Studies note: the presence of defect in 30% of adults, a male predilection, and a strong association between fissured tongue & geographic tongue.
Elaborate on appropriate lesion terminology used to describe Fissured Tongue. Fissured tongue is described as multiple fissures or grooves diffused on the dorsal surface of the tongue.
Describe the histological features of Fissured Tongue. A histologic sample of the defect would demonstrate hyperplasia of the rete ridges and loss of the keratin projections on the filiform papillae. A mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate is also commonly present in the lamina propria.
List 3 differential diagnoses for Fissured Tongue. 1. Geographic Tongue 2. Hairy Tongue 3. Cheilitis Granulomatosum
Describe the treatment options appropriate for Fissured Tongue patients. Since fissured tongue is a benign condition, no specific treatment is necessary. The patient should be directed to brush their tongue regularly in order to remove food or debris. Documentation with images should also be completed to confirm changes.
Created by: lesley.carrillo
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