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Financial Lit Game

Financial Literacy game creation

401 K is... employers sponsored retirement account, can include contributions from employer and has a limit on how much to contribute each year
Annual credit card fees... are charged annually, once a year such as American Express charge card
APR is... to helps you compare loan rates
Beneficiary is... a person to whom money is left from a life insurance policy
as soon as you enter workforce you should... invest for Retirement
Vacation and sick pay are... pay without work
Unsecured loan must be backed by collateral
Unearned income interest, dividends and transfer payments
Term life insurance provides a death benefit and it is for s specified time frame
Some forms of unearned income Dividends and interest
Social security retirement program for elderly and pays disability
Savings Bond worth face value at maturity
Salary pay when you are paid by a given yearly amount
Maximum amount on credit card is called credit limit
Liquid account a savings or checking accounts
Created by: JJackson22