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Dental Radiographs

MDA Ch 38-42 practice exam

_______ refers to how well the radio-graph reproduces fine details or distinct outlines of an object Sharpness
the x-ray was discovered on November 8, 1985 by? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
the most critical component in film processing quality control is? maintaining the freshness of the processing solutions
The most commonly used film size used for adult intraoral dentistry is ______. size #2
What part of the cell is affected by x-rays? electron
Energy is defined as the ability to do work.
When the PID is placed correctly, the dental film should always be placed with the lead foil sheet positioned away from the tooth.
The Guidelines for Prescribing Dental Radiographs issued by the American Dental Association and FDA recommend which of the following dental radiographic procedures for a pregnant patient? Radiographic procedures do not need to be altered because of pregnancy.
What is the term used to describe that each dose of radiation adds on to earlier doses? Cumulative
Exposure to radiation over a long time is called Chronic exposure.
Which of the following tissues has the highest radiation sensitivity? small lymphocytes
Which of the following statements is true concerning the structure of the atom? The orbital path of an electron around the nucleus is called an electron shell
The dentist who is credited with the first practical use of radiographs in dentistry in 1896 is: Edmund Kells
Exposure to radiation _______. no matter how small, has the potential to cause harmful biologic changes
Which component of the x-ray machine functions in positioning the tubehead? extension arm
One of the rules of radiation protection is to never stand closer than _______ feet from the x-ray unit during an exposure unless you are behind a barrier. 6 Feet
A light leak in the darkroom can result in a dull gray film that lacks contrast.
a dull gray film that lacks contrast. kilovoltage selector
What should the dental assistant do if a patient refuses dental radiographs? a. Document in the patient's record the fact that he or she refused recommended radiographs. b. Explain to the patient the importance of radiographs. c. Discuss the patient's refusal with the dentist.
The longer the wavelength the __________ its ability to penetrate matter. Less
The overall blackness or darkness of a film is called density
Secondary radiation _______. refers to x-radiation that is created when the primary beam interacts with matter
The heart of the x-ray generating system is the _______. x-ray tube
The Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety Act requires that: anyone taking radiographs by trained and certified.
In which part of the x-ray tube are electrons given off by a heated filament? Cathode
A plan to ensure that dental office procedures and equipment produce high quality images with a minimum of exposure to patients and personnel is called quality assurance
The range of shades of gray between black and white on a radiograph is called contrast
A structure that appears dark on a radiograph because it allows radiation to easily pass through it is called radiolucent
List four characteristics of x-rays. No mass or weight No charge Cause ionization Absorbed by matter
The major source of cross-contamination during radiographic procedures is the exposed film packet.
Anything that occupies space and has a form or shape is ______. matter
Damage caused by ionizing x-radiation to genetic cells: can affect future generations.
Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Radiology are made by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
In which part of the x-ray tube does the impact of electrons on a tungsten target produce x-rays? Anode
Which of the following statements is true regarding Federal and State regulations on the use of dental radiograph equipment? Most states have laws that require inspections of dental x-ray equipment on a regular basis.
An electron is a negatively charged particle.
What is the purpose of the cathode in the dental x-ray tube? to supply the electrons necessary to generate x-rays.
Radiographs are the property of: the dentist
What type of radiation is given off when the primary beam comes is deflected as it contacts the bones of the skull and teeth? scatter
The acronym ALARA stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable
Created by: bell.tierney
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