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EN past reg verbs

100 most common English regular verbs with ending pronunciation

want wanted /ɪd/
look looked /t/
use used /d/
work worked /t/
call called /d/
try tried /d/
ask asked /t/
need needed /ɪd/
seem seemed /d/
help helped /t/
talk talked /t/
turn turned /d/
start started /ɪd/
play played /d/
move moved /d/
like liked /t/
live lived /d/
believe believed /d/
happen happened /d/
provide provided /ɪd/
include included /ɪd/
continue continued /d/
change changed /d/
watch watched /t/
follow followed /d/
stop stopped /t/
create created /ɪd/
allow allowed /d/
add added /ɪd/
open opened /d/
walk walked /t/
offer offered /d/
remember remembered /d/
love loved /d/
consider considered /d/
appear appeared /d/
wait waited /ɪd/
serve served /d/
die died /d/
expect expected /ɪd/
stay stayed /d/
reach reached /t/
kill killed /t/
remain remained /d/
suggest suggested /ɪd/
raise raised /d/
pass passed /t/
require required /d/
report reported /ɪd/
decide decided /ɪd/
pull pulled /d/
return returned /d/
explain explained /d/
hope hoped /t/
develop developed /t/
carry carried /d/
thank thanked /t/
receive received /d/
join joined /d/
agree agree /d/
pick picked /t/
support supported /ɪd/
end ended /ɪd/
base based /t/
produce produced /t/
face faced /t/
cover covered /d/
describe described /d/
cause caused /d/
point pointed /ɪd/
listen listened /d/
realize realized /d/
place placed /t/
close closed /d/
involve involved /d/
increase increased /t/
fill filled /t/
represent represented /ɪd/
focus focus /t/
drop dropped /t/
plan planned /d/
push pushed /t/
reduce reduced /t/
note noted /ɪd/
enter entered /d/
share shared /d/
save saved /d/
protect protected /ɪd/
occur occurred /d/
accept accepted /ɪd/
identify identified /d/
determine determined /d/
prepare prepared /d/
argue argued /d/
recognize recognized /d/
indicate indicated /ɪd/
wonder wondered /d/
lay laid /d/
fail failed /d/
arrive arrived /d/
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