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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
English Participles Participles of the 100 most common verbs in English English Verbs 2018-01-19 coachlanguages 100 1 edit
Práctica de verbos Repaso de 50 verbos frecuentes en español con traducción a inglés Spanish 2018-01-16 coachlanguages 50 0 edit
Verbos reflexivos 40 verbos reflexivos de uso común con traducción al inglés Spanish 2018-01-19 coachlanguages 40 0 edit
Sep Phrasal Verbs 40 Common separable phrasal verbs English Verbs 2020-11-03 coachlanguages 40 1 edit
Comandos formales Práctica de verbos regulares e irregulares en imperativo Spanish 2018-06-07 coachlanguages 5 0 edit
Comandos informales Práctica de comandos informales Spanish 2018-08-28 coachlanguages 10 0 edit
Comandos inf neg Práctica de comandos informales negativos Spanish 2018-06-07 coachlanguages 5 0 edit
Subjuntivo situación Expresiones con las que se usa el presente de subjuntivo Spanish 2019-01-21 coachlanguages 10 0 edit
subj deseo/petición wishes and requests that trigger present subjunctive in Spanish Spanish 2019-01-21 coachlanguages 16 0 edit
verbs + (pro)noun Verbs requiring a noun or pronoun before an infinitive English Verbs 2019-03-06 coachlanguages 18 0 edit
Simple Past English Irregular verbs English Verbs 2020-10-29 coachlanguages 44 0 edit
EN past reg verbs 100 most common English regular verbs with ending pronunciation English Verbs 2020-09-04 coachlanguages 100 0 edit
Business phrases some phrases used in conversations in the business world. English Vocabulary 2021-02-10 coachlanguages 70 1 edit
SM Vocabulary SM list of business vocabulary English Vocabulary 2020-11-11 coachlanguages 7 0 edit
Negative prefixes This list tests students' ability to use negative prefixes English Vocabulary 2020-09-23 coachlanguages 61 0 edit
Inseparable Ph Verb inseparable Phrasal Verbs English Vocabulary 2020-09-28 coachlanguages 30 0 edit
Body Idioms English idioms with body parts English Vocabulary 2020-10-22 coachlanguages 30 0 edit
C1 Functions Core inventory of expressions in English for C1 Level (EAQUALS) English Vocabulary 2021-01-21 coachlanguages 90 0 edit
Gerunds and Infiniti Verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives English Verbs 2021-07-16 coachlanguages 46 0 edit
la routine FR verbes pour parler de las routines French 2022-04-28 coachlanguages 26 0 edit

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