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Friendly Bio. Ch 9

Vocabulary Terminology for Chapter 9 in Friendly Biology

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Mitosis The process of cell division
Inter between
Phase period of time
Interphase time between when cell is doing its "normal" job (chromosomes are uncoiled strands of chromatin being used by cell for instructions and nuclear membrane is intact)
Cells are stimulated to divide by hormones
Hormones are substances usually made by glands in one part of the body and have their effects in another part of the body and are carried there by the blood.
Growth Hormone made by pituitary gland located beneath the brain
Parent cell cell that receives signal to divide
Daughter cell two cells resulting from cell division
Pro early, initial, beginning or before
Prophase 1st phase of Mitosis (Chromosomes are visible because strands of chromatin coil up and nuclear membrane begins to disintegrate)
Later Prophase Chromosomes make copies of themselves and the nuclear membrane disintegrates completely
Mutation When chromosomes do not copy themselves properly
Meta adjacent to or beside one another
Metaphase 2nd phase of Mitosis (Chromosomes become aligned along central plate within the cell and spindle fibers attach one member of each pair of chromosomes to centrioles arranged at opposite poles of the cell)
Ana opposite, opposing or against
Anaphase 3rd phase of Mitosis (Spindle fibers contract pulling their attached Chromosomes to opposite poles of the cell)
Telo ending or final
Telophase 4th or final phase of Mitosis (Chromosomes begin to uncoil and the cell membrane begins to pinch inward eventually allowing for the cell to divide; creating two daughter cells
Cytokinesis process whereby the cell membrane presses inward to create two daughter cells
Cyto cell
kinesis movement or action
Created by: CDM2KK
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