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Principle of Immunology

A hapten is A determinant capable of stimulating an immune response only when bound to a carrier
A lymphokine is a soluble mediator produced by lymphocytes
Monocytes & macrophages play a major role in the mononuclear phagocytic system. For an antibody-coated antigen to be phagocytosed, what part of the antibody molecule fits into a receptor on the phagocytic cell? Fc region
in which zone might the antibody screening test be false positive prozone
A young women shows increased susceptibility to pyogenic infections. Upon assay, she shows a low level of C3. What is probably true? She has an autoimmune disease with continual antigen-antibody activity causing consumption of C3
What is the predominant type of antibody found in the serum of neonates born after full-term gestation? Maternal IgG
What type of cell predominates in the germinal centers of lymph nodes B cells
Which class of immunoglobulin possesses Delta heavy chains? IgD
Which class of immunoglobulin possesses 10 antigenic binding sites? IgM
An example of immune injury to the deposition of antigen-antibody complexes is Acute glomerulonephritis
In bone marrow transplantation, immunocompetent cells in the donor marrow may recognize antigens in the recipient and respond to those antigens. This phenomenon is an example of?? Graft-vs,-host-disease (GVHD
The method used to determine MHC Class I compatibility between a donor and a recipient involves specific typing antibodies
After exposure to antigen, the first antibodies that can be detected belong to the class IgM
In Bruton's disease, measurement of serum immunoglobulins would show the absence of all immunoglobulins
Antigenically identical tumors produced in different animals are most commonly produced by viruses
the lymphokine able to cause proliferation and differentiation of B cells is interleukin 4
A kidney transplant from one identical twin to another is an example of an isograft
Which cell is the principle source of interleukin 2 T cell
A major advantage of passive immunization of opposed to active immunization is that antibody is available more quickly
How does the secondary immune response differ from the primary immune response? IgG is the predominant antibody class produced in the secondary immune response. the antibody levels produced are higher in the secondary immune response. The lag phase is shorter in the secondary immune response
After activation of the complement system, leukocytes & macrophages are attracted to the site of complement activation by C5a
The type of immunity that follows the injection of an antigen is termed active
Monoclonal antibodies are produced by Hybridomas
Vaccines are an example of what type off immunity? (Adaptive) Active Artificial Immunity
Secondary lymphoid organs include?? Lymph nodes, spleen, MALT
Primary lymphoid organs include Thymus and Bone marrow
the classical complement pathway is activated by antigen-antibody complex
enhancement of phagocytosis by coating of foreign particles with serum protein is called opsonization
In a adult, hematopoiesis occurs where? Bone Marrow
What is "positive selection"? selection for those cells whose T-cell receptors responds to self-MHC
What is "negative selection"? selection against those cells whose T-cell receptors react strongly to self-peptide/MHC combinations
What are some of the cytokines that might be detected in a Th1 type response? IFN-y (interferon-gamma) and IL-2 (interleukin-2)
What are some of the cytokines that might be detected in a Th2 type response? IL-4 (interleukin-4), and IL-10 (interleukin-10)
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