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Semester 2 Vocab

2019 Vocab for semester 2 test

Organelle Structures specialized to perform distinct processes within a cell.
Osmosis Diffusion of water molecules across a semipermeable membrane from an area of higher water concentration to an area of lower water concentration.
Cell Cycle Pattern of growth, DNA replication, and cell division that occurs in a eukaryotic cell.
Chromosome Long, continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes and regulatory information.
Chromatid One half of a duplicated chromosome.
Diffusion Movement of dissolved molecules in a fluid or gas from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration.
Cellular Respiration Process of producing ATP by breaking down carbon based molecules when oxygen is present.
Aerobic Process that requires oxygen to occur.
Stem Cell Cell that can divide for long periods of time while remaining undifferentiated.
Anaerobic Process that does not require oxygen to occur.
Cancer Common name for a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division.
Glycolysis Anaerobic process in which glucose is broken down into two molecules of pyruvate and two net ATP are produced.
Mitosis Process by which a cell divides its nucleus and contents.
Concentration Gradient Difference in the concentration of a substance from one location to another
Electron Transport Chain Series of proteins in the thylakoid and mitochondrial membranes that aid in converting ADP to ATP by transferring electrons.
Fermentation Anaerobic process by which ATP is produced by glycolysis.
Fluid Mosaic Model Model that describes the arrangement and movement of the molecules that make up a cell membrane.
Created by: Mr.Devine