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BIO 1500 Chapter 1


List some components of Environmental Science 1.Ethics 2.Economic 3.Biology, chemistry, geology & etc.
Consist of what individuals and societies believe to be important & what should be encouraged:Profit, comfort,efficiency, sustainability. Values
What is the key value of an environmental perspective Sustainability
Term for an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human & natural environments now & into the indefinite future. Sustainability
Term for balancing the fulfillment of human needs with protection of the natural environment so that needs can be met now &I into the indefinite future. Sustainable Development
List seven areas where sustainable resource use & development are identified as important issues. 1.Agriculture 2.Energy 3.Fisheries 4.Forestry 5.Minerals & Metals 6.Tourism 7.Water use
Agricultural & livestock practices that maintain environmental balance in the face of intensive agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable agricultural practices that do not include artificial chemical inputs. Organic Farming
Practice of sustaining and enhancing the quality of agricultural soils to maximize yields, control pests, and guard against drought. Soil Husbandry
Practice of leaving crop residues in the ground following harvesting. Stubble Mulching
Compare and contrast: Renewable and Sustainable sources of energy. *Renewable=Replaced by nature. *Non-Renewable=Not Replaced. 1.Generate energy in ways that don't deflate the earth's natural resources. 2.Sustainable sources don't cause significant environmental externalities.
Harmful environmental, economic or social costs not accounted for in the prices of goods and services. Environmental Externality
List some externalities involved with the manufacture of cars: 1.Air pollution 2.Health problems 3.Defending oil supply 4.Disposing cars (towing) 5.Infrastructure
Possible externalities of Hydroelectric energy: 1.Flooding 2.Ponding 3.Silting 4.Lack of flooding in system adapted for it. *EX. Nile & Colorado River
Possible externalities of Geothermal energy Geyser Fields
Possible externalities of Biomass energy Increased prices for some crops because of competition
Possible externalities of Solar energy Possible production of manufacturing waste
Possible externalities of Wind energy Noisy and unsightly and can kill significant number of migrating birds & bats
Of the renewable energy sources, Hydroelectric,Geothermal,Biomass,Solar & Wind, which one is NOT considered sustainable Hydroelectric
Give some barriers to sustainability 1.Environment externalities not computed in prices. 2.Chg. resistance 3.Technology 4.Population growth & rising expectations 5.Proverty
Activity that is least sustainable Plastic bags for sandwich wrap
Created by: Larnell
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