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Int. Human Studies

Intro to Human Studies final study guide

Name 3 ways you can improve your self esteem Positive influences, achieve goals, and learn from mistakes
What is a want? Something you do not need to survive
What is a need? Something you cannot live without
Give 2 examples of a need Food and a place to live
Give 2 examples of a want New car or new phone
Name a source where you learned good values Parents
How can you achieve your potential? Developing a sense of humor
What is a job? A job is a way to make money
What is a career? A job that you are dedicated to and will most likely have for many years
Maslow's bottom tier? Physiological needs
Maslow's second tier? Safety needs
Maslow's third tier? Social needs
Maslow's fourth tier? Esteem needs
Maslow's fifth tier? Self-actualization
5 tips for a good job interview? Strong handshake, manners, be positive, dress appropriately, no phone
How can you improve self concept? Realistic expectations, develop skills, support people achieve goals
What are accepted levels of achievement? Self-actualization
What are listening skills? Being able to receive and understand a message
3 examples of nonverbal communication Nod head, eye contact, and smiling
Good way to improve positive communication methods? Eye contact, ask about other person, say hello
What is a good way to give a negative message in a positive way? I message
3 causes of conflict? Different values, personality clashes, role difference
What is mediation? When a third party is brought in to resolve a difference
What is the ideal way to end a conflict? I win/you win
What is the conflict resolution process? State the problem, list possible solutions, evaluate solutions, pick best solution, carry out solution, evaluate results
2 characteristics of a mentally healthy person? Positive outlook and hope for the future
What are 3 causes of stress? School, relationships, decisions
Ways to reduce depression? Talk to a professional or about things that make you happy
How much milk is recommended for a teen to drink per day? 3 cups
How can you reduce blood pressure? Weight loss, low sodium intake, and exercise
What should the temperature be inside of a fridge? 40 degrees or less
Never cook meat in the over lower than... 325 degrees
Heat leftovers to at least... 165 degrees
How to show you are done with your meal? Lay down napkin and utensils
How to make a to-do list? List in order of importance
An example of a time management aid calendar
3 examples of flexible expenses Food, gas, and entertainment
Requirements to be able to vote 18 or older, U.S. citizen, and registered to vote
How to protect the environment? recycle
How to be an informed citizen? Writing to political leaders, talk to other citizens, and participate in local events
Growth and development are affected by... Heredity/genes and environment
3 ways a healthy family solves problems Work together, help when needed, be positive
What theorist focused on the development of personality? Erik Erikson
How can you build a good relationship? Ask about their opinions
Who worked with prison reform? Anna Y Reed and Eli Weaver
Who introduced home economics? Ellen Richards
Who set dietary guidelines and nutritional values? Doris Callaway
Who cured scurvy? James Lind
Who developed the trait and factor theory? EG Williamson
Who was the first psychology professor? James Cattell
Who studied bipolar disorder, allergies, and schizophrenia? Carl Pfeiffer
Created by: alexprice