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B-General Building 5

HVAC & Plumbing

Furnaces must have a miniumum of ________ clearance for service and removal 3 inches
Furnaces must have a minimum of _________ of platform from the furnace to the access door 24 inches
A basis for determining furnace size, ________ BTU's required per square foot 20
The Boiling Temperature for water is 212 degrees
The Freezing Temperature for water is 32 degrees
Plastic Piping needs to be supported every _________ when being run horizontally 4 feet
Copper Piping under 1 1/2" needs to be supported every ________ when being run horizontally 6 feet
Galvanized Piping under 3/4" needs to be supported every _______ 10 feet
Galvanized Piping over 1" needs to be supported every _____ when being run horizontally 12 feet
Underground water pipes must be buried at LEAST 12 inches deep
Non potable water pipes must be marked every ________ 20 feet but not less than once per room
Water supply pipes to ANY building must be at least _______ 3/4"
Define a "Full-Bore" valve A Valve with an opening as big as the pipe it serves
What is the minimum amount of water pressure that a fixture is required to have 15 PSI
What is the maximum amount of water pressure that a fixture is allowed to have 80 PSI
How do you pass the test for a water supply system a 50 PSI test must hold without leaking for 15 minutes
Water Closets (Toilets) cannot be less than _________ to a wall 15 inches O.C
There must be a minimum _______ clearance in front of water fixtures 24 inch
The finished dam in a shower cannot be more than _______ in heighth from the drain 9 inches
DWV stands for Drain, Waste, Vent system
ABS and PVC DWV systems are limited to structures no more than ________ 2 stories high
VItrified Clay Pipes on a DWV cannot be used _________ Above ground or on a pressurized pump
Galvanized wrought iron, stainless steel 304, or galvanized steel cannot be used for a DWV system __________ Under ground, and must be kept 6 inches aboveground
Drainage pipes should have a slope of at least 1/4" per foot
4" or Larger Drainage pipes are allowed to have a slope of at LEAST 1/8" per foot
Minimum Trap and Arm size for a Bathtub, sink, or dishwasher 1 1/2"
Minimum Trap and Arm size for a Shower, Clothes washer, or Floor drain 2"
Minimum Trap and Arm size for a Toilet 3"
An accessible cleanout should be used for every ______ 100 feet and combined change of 135 degrees
The underfloor cleanouts should be within ________ of the access hole 20 feet
The Access between the access hole and an underfloor cleanout must have _________ 18 inches high and 30 inches wide
Cleanouts for underground pipes should always be _______ extended to grade
The maximum distance between a fixture and the fixtures trap is 24 inches
Traps can serve up to _________ sinks or lavatories 3
Minimum size for a venting pipe is ______ 1 1/4" or half the size of the connected sanitary pipe
Minium DWV horizontal pipe size for a Bathtub, washer, shower or sink is 2 inches
Minimum DWV horizontal pipe size for a bar sink or wash basin is 1 1/2 inches
Minimum DWV horizontal pipe size for a toilet is 3 inches
Vents shall rise at least ________ from a horizontal drain pipe before making any turns 6 inches
Vents cannot be installed with less than a _______ degree slope 45
Vents must extend above the roof at least ________ 6 inches
How far must roof vents be from any opening into the building? 10 feet horizontally, 3 feet vertically
How do you test the DWV systems shutting down every opening and fill it with water at least 10 feet over the highest fitting, or a 5 PSI air test
The gas ignition devices on a water heater must be at least _________ above the floor 18 inches
a Water Heater must be strapped where? Upper 1/3 and Lower 1/3, minimum distance of 4 inches above the controls
Underground Gas Piping must have ______ of cover 18 inches
Gas Piping must slope how often? 1/4" every 15 feet
What is the maximum pressure for gas piping systems 5 psi
Gas piping that penetrates into the room must have ________ of unthreaded portion at least 1 inch
A Gas pipe must penetrate the room at least _______ from the floor 2 inches
What is the max and min slope a finished shower may have 1/4" minimum, 1/2" maximum
Generally, how many cubic feet of air can an A/C move per minute/per ton 400
What do Condensation drains require at their highest points? Vented trap
How does a "split" A/C unit work? Condenser is outside and releases heat back into the atmosphere while cold air is distributed inside home
What is the max GPM a lavatory is allowed? 1.5
What is the building envelope? the area that surrounds the conditioned space, (Siding, insulation, drywall, studs, etc.)
What is the best way to position heat ducts in cold-weather climates? Perimeter around the floor
Overflow condensation lines must discharge where? Somewhere outside that is readily observable
Exhaust ducts that are greater than 8" needs supports every _________ 20'
1 Ton of A/C = ___________ BTU/hr 12,000
What is needed in a HVAC system while penetrating a wall with ducting Fire damper
How many plumbing fixtures can a wet vent service? 4
What is an automated zone damper? A device that electronically actuates air distribution in seperate zones?
Which trades are allowed to install residential fire systems? Plumbers/Fire protection
In HVAC, what is the mechanical device that moves air? Air handler
Where can an exterior furnace NOT be installed? Under a window
Electrical disconnects for appliances must be _______ in clear view from the appliance
What rule must be followed while trenching for a sewer line? 45 degrees or lower from ground/footing plane
Which lines require freezing protection Water, gas, DWV
What is the size required and slope required for condensation drain lines? 3/4" diameter, 1/8" slope per foot
What size service platform is needed for an attic furnace? 30" x 30"
Where should the "return" be located in a whole house forced air unit? as close to the air handler as possible
How deep should plastic gas lines be located? 18 inches
Where is a manual shut off required for a gas appliance? at most 6 feet from the appliance
Sprinklers must be buried at least 8"-12"
What is the PSI required for proper drip irrigation? 10-12
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