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HW/ ch 28

Anatomy and Physiology = Bio 2020; CH 28

Ovaries and testes produce gametes. True
Labia majora and scrotum Covering and protection
Vestibular and bulbourethral glands Secrete lubricant
Clitoris and glans of penis Stimulate sexual arousal
Both female and male reproductive systems are primarily nonfunctional until puberty True
Puberty is initiated when the hypothalamus significantly increases secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)
In both females and males, the perineum is circumscribed ___________ by the pubic symphysis, ___________ by the ischial tuberosities, and ______ by the coccyx anteriorly; laterally; posteriorly
Match the component of the perineum with the structures that it houses: Clitoris, scrotum Urogenital triangle
Anus Anal triangle
Follicular phase
Ovulation phase
Luteal phase
Ovulation involves the release of the _____________ from a vesicular follicle. secondary oocyte
Normal functions of the uterine tubes Site for implantation of the pre-embryo; Provide nourishment to the developing embryo
Menstrual phase
Secretory phase
Proliferative phase
Breast Anatomy: Location of milk storage Lactiferous sinus
Breast Anatomy: Small, pigmented ring around nipple Areola
Breast Anatomy: Just deep to areolar surface Areolar glands
Breast Anatomy: Cylindrical projection Nipple
The secretory units that produce milk in the lactating female are termed alveoli
Spermatogenesis begins at birth in the human male. False
Male and female external genitalia develop from the same primordial structures. True
During meiosis, homologous pairs of chromosomes can exchange pieces of DNA after they synapse. True
Mitosis involves a single cell division and results in two diploid cells.
DNA replication occurs prior to both meiosis and mitosis. True
The normal chromosome number in a human cell is 46 (46 chromosomes in a normal human cell; 23 pairs)
The internal organs of the female reproductive system include the ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, and vagina
The uterus serves as the site of implantation for the embryo, supports the developing embryo, and contracts during birth to expel the fetus. True
Mature follicle
Corpus luteum
Secondary follicle
Primary follicle
Before Ovulation Proliferative phase of uterine cycle; Estrogen low; Rapidly rising LH; Rapidly rising FSH
After Ovulation Progesterone peak; Secretory phase of uterine cycle; Rapidly declining gonadotropins; Menses
Before Ovulation Primordial follicles; First meiotic division; First polar body formation; Mature follicle
After Ovulation Corpus albicans; Second meiotic division completion; Second polar body formation; Second meiotic division begins
If a middle-aged woman has gone a year or more without having had her period, she is said to have gone through menopause
Puberty in humans is the result of changes in the ___________, which result in an increased secretion of _________, which then stimulates an increased secretion of __________. Hypothalamus; GnRH; LH
During ovulation, the ________ ruptures and the oocyte enters the uterine tube; later, the empty follicle undergoes structural and biochemical changes and a __________ is formed. follicle; corpus luteum
Primary follicles develop into secondary follicles; one follicle matures and becomes a Graafian follicle. Follicular phase
A secondary oocyte is released from the ovary and enters the uterine tube. Ovulation
The empty follicle becomes a corpus luteum, which secretes estradiol and progesterone. Luteal phase
Occurs while the ovary is in its follicular phase; estradiol stimulates growth of the stratum functionale of the endometrium Proliferative phase
Occurs while the ovary is in its luteal phase; the endometrium becomes thick and more vascularized Secretory phase
Sloughing off of the stratum functionale of the endometrium occurs Menstrual phase
When a primary follicle enlarges, and there are several layers of granulosa cells, it is called a secondary follicle
When of the following has an antrum? Mature follicle
Which of the following is involved in ovulation? Mature follicle
Every human has 23 pairs of chromosomes: 22 pairs of sex chromosomes and 1 pair of autosomes False
Autosomes contain genes for cellular functions, while sex chromosomes consist of either two X chromosomes or an X and ___ chromosome. Y
Gametes from either sex are ________ because they contain 23 chromosomes only, not 23 pairs, and thus their chromosome number is designated as 1n, or just n. Haploid
Which attributes are associated with the process called meiosis? Produces diploid number of chromosomes
During interphase, DNA in each chromosome is replicated in the parent cell and is composed of two identical structures called sister chromatids
The sister chromatids of a replicated chromosome are attached at a specialized region termed the centromere
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