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HW/ ch 16

Anatomy and Physiology = Bio 2020; CH 16

The sense of taste is heavily influenced by the olfactory sense as well. True
Stimulus Modality Thermoreceptors; Chemoreceptors; Photoreceptors; Nociceptors
Stimulus Origin Interoreceptors; Exteroreceptors
Receptor Distribution Receptors widely distributed in the skin; Receptors associated with cranial nerves
Anterior two-thirds of the tongue Facial nerve VII
Posterior one-third of the tongue and the superior pharynx Glossopharyngeal nerve IX
Epiglottis Vagus nerve X
Age-related loss of taste can be due to a(n) __________ number of sensory receptors decreased
Age-related loss of vision can be due to a(n) __________ rigidity of connective tissue increased
Age-related loss of hearing can be due to a(n) __________number of hair cells decreased
Age-related loss of balance can be due to a(n) __________number of hair cells decreased
Receptors Act as transducers; Maintain a resting membrane potential; May respond to different energy forms; Convert various energy forms to electrical energy
Neurons Maintain a resting membrane potential; Only respond to electrical energy
Large Receptive Field Detects general region of stimulus only; Higher energy cost
Small Receptive Field Greater specificity of location; More efficient use of surface area; Lower energy cost
Tonic Respond continuously; Sensitivity remains constant; Nociceptors continually detecting pain; Inner ear cells detecting head position
Phasic Respond to change; Sensitivity decreases over time; Skin receptors detecting clothing; Thermoreceptors adjusting to ambient temperature
Gener Senses Somatic sensory receptors; Visceral sensory receptors; Touch receptors; Proprioceptors
Special Senses Located only in head; Structurally complex; Photoreceptors in the eye; Chemoreceptors for smell
Stimulus Origin Exteroreceptors; Interoceptors; Proprioceptors
Modality of Stimulus Chemoreceptors; Thermoreceptors; Baroreceptors
If a receptor's receptive field is ___________, it allows for greater specificity of localization. small
A pressure receptor in the skin could be classified as a(n) somatic sensory receptor
Why is visceral pain sometimes localized incorrectly? Visceral sensory neurons travel along the same pathway as many somatic sensory neurons
Walking into a room and recognizing the smell of a favorite dish is an example of a sensation True
Na+ Salty
Acidic compounds Sour
Sugars, some other carbohydrates, and some proteins Sweet
Alkaloids/base compounds Bitter
Amino acid glutamate and related compounds Umami
Artificial sweeteners Sweet
Beef Umami
The papillae on the tongue that do not contain any taste buds are the ________ papillae. filiform
The papillae that are fewest in number, but contain the most taste buds, are the _________ papillae. vallate
When a generator (receptor) potential reaches threshold, an action potential will be produced. True
Created by: svalde1907
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