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Imperial Japan


What is Trade between international Borders Foreign Trade
What is the world Economic crash called The Great Depression
The development of industries in a country of a wide scale Industrialization
Why was Japan scared of opening their ports for a long time until forced by the U.S Because they were scared of Christians coming and trying to spread their religion
What do some people believe really started World war II Japan trying to spread through Korea and beyond
Why did the British make China open their ports They wanted to sell them Opium
Why did westerners try so hard to get foreign countries to open their ports The demand for foreign trade was high
Why was Japan so "willing" to open their ports when the westerners came They saw what happened to China and didn't want that to repeat
A addictive drug that caused two wars in China Opium
Matters having to do with international relation Foreign affairs
Created by: AlexTartaglione