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Criticism 1

Aesthetics is formal studing to the principles of art and beauty also inlate 19th century this was synonymously with a movement art for arts sake without any reference to moral affect Walter Pater
Allegory is basically a technique of vision seeking to convey abstract and philosophical truth through material, also for example : allegory is a story , poem and fable , it's used to appear a hidden meaning or massage.
Bur lesque A type of writing or acting that tries to make something serious seem stupid , he often wrote short tales , song and children's stories
Classicism and pseudo A style in painting sculpture and building based on particular standards in Greek and Roman art , any artistic achievement of permanent excellence may be called classic , diction is manner in which words are pronounced
Expressionism A style of art , music or writing found especially in the 1900s , that expresses extremely feelings
Fable A short story that tells a general truth or is only partly based on fact , literature of this type
Farce At end of 17th century it was used for any short humorous play in which the characters acting in unlikely situation , or the humor in this type of play
Humanism In the 15th century the word humanism was used for Graeco-Roman culture , Is Basically a belief system based on the principles of human values and interests , often without accepting the beliefs of religion
Impressionism A style of painting , which began in France in the 1860s century in which the artist tries to who represent the effects of light on an object , person or area countryside , etc
Imagery Pictures or words in books , films , and paintings , it's used to describe ideas or situation and create an impression or mood , and to represent something
Melodrama A story , play an film in which the characters show stronger emotions than real people usually do , so that's style of acting , Finally it was originally very popular romantica play
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