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definition of professions

Baker A person who bakes bread and cakes. They usually work in a bakery.
Barber A person who shaves men’s beards and cuts men’s hair.
Bartender A person who tends a bar or a pub and serves drinks. Also known as Barman or Barmaid.
Builder A person who constructs something by putting parts or material together - Also known as construction workers.
Carpenter A person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures.
Cashier A person that handles payments and receipts in a shop, bank, or business.
Chef A person who cooks and prepares food. Typically the chief cook in a restaurant or hotel.
Cleaner A person employed to clean the interior of a building.
Dentist A person who is qualified to treat diseases and other conditions that affect the teeth and gums.
Doctor A person who is qualified to treat people who are ill. They usually work in hospitals.
Electrician A person who installs and maintains electrical equipment.
Engineer A person who designs, builds or maintains engines, machines, or structures.
Fireman A person employed to extinguish or prevent fires. Also known as Firefighter(s).
Flight Attendant An airline employee who serves meals, attends to passengers' comfort, etc, during a flight.
Hairdresser A person who cuts and styles hair as an occupation.
Journalist A person who writes for newspapers, magazines or news websites, or prepares news to be broadcast.
Judge A public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court.
Lawyer A person whose profession is to provide people with legal advice and services.
Musician A person who makes music a profession, especially as a performer of music.
Nurse A person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital.
Painter A person whose job is painting buildings.
Photographer A person who takes photographs as an occupation.
Pilot A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.
Plumber A person who fits and repairs the pipes, fittings, and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation, or heating systems.
Policeman A person who is a member of the police force. (Policewoman) is used for females.
Postman A person who is employed to deliver or collect letters and parcels. (Mailman) is used in American English.
Receptionist A person who greets and deals with clients and visitors to a surgery, office, etc.
Scientist A person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.
Secretary A person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence and carry out administrative tasks.
Tailor A person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, trousers, and jackets to fit individual customers.
Technician A person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory.
Waiter A person whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant. (Waitress) is used for females
Welder A person whose job is to weld materials together.
Vet A person with a medical degree trained to take care of the health of animals. They usually work in a veterinary surgery or vets.
Created by: Alexandre Morais



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