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Male Reproductive

Male Reproductive System

What do you call Human Reproduction? Sexual or Asexual Sexual
What are Sex Cells? Gametes - Sperm (M) & Ova (F)
What are used to form genetically different offspring? Genes
When does the reproductive system become fully functional? Puberty
What are the primary organs of the reproductive system? Gonads - testes (M) & ovaries (F) Gametes - Sperm (M) & Ova (F)
What are the secondary organs of the reproductive system? Males - ducts, glands, penis, all for storing and transporting sperm Females - location for fusion of egg and sperm, environment for nourishing a fertilized egg, completion of cycle at birth of infant
What is the Male reproductive system used for? Produce, transport, and introduce mature sperm into the female reproductive tract
What makes up the male reproductive system? Scrotum, Testes, Seminiferous tubules, Spermatic Cord, Sperm, Seminal Fluid Ducts, Glands assoc. with seminal ducts, Penis, Hormones
What are the 4 Seminal Fluid Ducts? Epididymis. Ductus (Vas) deferens. Ejaculatory ducts. Urethra.
What are the 3 glands associated with the seminal fluid ducts? Seminal vesicles. Prostate gland. Bulbourethral (Cowper's) gland
What is the word used for Scrotum? Bag
What divides interior scrotum into 2 sacs? Scrotal septum 1 testis, 1 epididymis, and the testicular end of the spermatic cord
What does the Scrotal Septum do? Prevents spread of infection from one testis to the other
What is optimum temperature for sperm production? 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler (34 degrees celsius) than body
What is the singular name for gonads? Paired name? Testis & Testicles
What is Tunica Vaginalis? parietal & visceral layer with cavity
What is Tunica Albuginea? White fibrous capsule around testis
How are lobules formed? by in-folding of Tunica Albuginea - 200-300 lobules in each testis - contains seminiferous tubules & Leydig cells
What are Seminiferous Tubules? -Closed loops that open at top to allow sperm to exit -Drain newly formed sperm through short straight tubules into rete testis
What is spermatogenesis? Site of sperm production
What are Leydig Cells? Produce & Secrete male hormones ie: androgen (testosterone)
What hormone is secreted & produced in the male? androgen (testosterone)
Do Leydig cells Increase/Decrease amounts of testosterone in the 7th week? Increase
Where does sperm production occur? Seminiferous tubules
What is Spermatozoa? sperm
What is Spermatgonia? Baby sperm (stem cells)
Where are Spermatogonia found? on the basement membrane of semininferous tubules
What happens to spermatogonia? undergoes meiosis, reducing chromosome # from 46 to 23 per cell Meiosis also determines that 1/2 the sperm will contain X and the other 1/2 contains Y
Where does the Spermatic Cord travel? suspends testes in scrotum, passes through inguinal canal into pelvic cavity
What 4 layers are there of the Spermatic Cord? 1. Ductus (vas) deferens 2. Autonomic nerves 3. Testicular Artery 4. Testicular Veins
What's another name for Testicular vein? Pampiniform plexus
What is a varicocele? Varicosed testicular vein (also called Bag of Worms)
What is a vasectomy? Small section of ductus (vas) deferens removed from spermatic cord before it enters pelvic cavity. also known as male birth control
300 million produced each day by the testes are what? Sperm (spermatozoa)
What is an Acrosome? enzymes needed to pass through cervical mucus to help break down outer covering of ovum located in head of sperm
What is Rete Testis? Collecting chambers for sperm, allows sperm to mature partially
What is Epididymis? Tube that connects a testicle to a ductus (vas) deferens and is fertile for 40-60 days in the tail of epididymis
What is capacitation? final maturation completed in the female reproductive tract
How does the sperm travel through the reproductive tract? 1. Rete Testis 2. Epididymis 3. Ductus (vas) Deferens 4. Ejacultory Ducts 5. Urethra
What is the Ductus (vas) Deferens? Tube which "receives" sperm from epdidymis
Where does the ductus (vas) deferens go through? spermatic cord
What does the ductus (vas) deferens merge into? seminal vesicle duct, forming ejaculatory duct
When does peristalsis occur in the ductus (vas) deferens? during sexual arousal
What is the Ejaculatory Ducts? Joins ductus (vas) deferens and seminal vesicle
Where does the ejaculatory duct pass through? prostate gland and opens into prostatic urethra just before ejaculation occurs
What is the ejaculatory duct used for? to eject sperm and seminal vesicle secretions together into prostatic urethra
What are the 2 types of urethra's? Prostatic - passes through prostate gland Spongy (penile) - bulb of penis to external urethral orifice at end of penis ; surrounded by erectile tissue
What are the components of the seminal vesicle? base of bladder ejaculates thick, yellowish fluid - 60% sperm - contains fructose for energy & clotting factor to keep sperm in vagina
What are the components of the prostate gland? encircles urethra and ejaculatory duct
What does the prostate gland secrete? thin, milky fluid - 30% semen - contains citric acid
What does the Bulbourethral (cowper's) gland secrete? mucus for lubricant during sex and neutralizes acid from residual urine in spongy urethra which would injure sperm
Created by: hrmcgee
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