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If you opt not to receive a hepatitis B vaccination and have signed a waiver to this effect,you have the right to: change your mind and the employer is required to provide the vaccination
OSHA requires that the hepatitis B vaccine must be offered to which of the following categories of employees? Category I and II
Exam gloves used during dental treatment can be made of... latex and vinyl
Protective eye wear should have... side shields
What is the maximum volume that a single container of alcohol-based hand rub solution placed within a dental treatment room can legally have? 2 L
During which of the following procedures would you use sterile surgical gloves? Mandibular resection
Recommendations concering gloves would fall under which of the following categories of infection control practices that directly relate to dental radiography procedures? Protective attire and barrier techniques
The intent of hand washing is to remove Transient bacteria
The last of the PPEs to be put on before patient treatment begins is(are)... gloves
When using medical latex or vinyl gloves, non sterile gloves are recommended for examinations and nonsurgical procedures
the intent of hand washing is to remove: transient bacteria
Utility gloves should be used... to work with contaminated instruments
What type of gloves should you wear when assisting during the placement of filling material? Examination
What is the most common type of latex allergy? Type IV
When do you need to change your protective clothing? When visibly soiled
How long should you rub your hands when washing with soap and water? At least 15 seconds
The strength of an organism in its ability to produce disease is: Virulence
Which of the following is an example of regulated medical waste? Used anesthetic needles
What mode of disease transmission is a contaminated dental chart? Indirect contact
Regulated medical waste comprises what percentage of a dental office's total waste? 3%
What is the leading cause of sterilization failure in dental offices? Human error
According to the CDC,how often should you biologically monitor your sterilizer? weekly
Which of the following disinfectant chemicals tends to cause a yellow stain? Iodophor
An oral habit consisting of involuntary gnashing,grinding and clenching of the teeth is... bruxism
Which government agency enforces the disposal of regulated waste? EPA
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