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Talking New Land

Visions A

auction a sale in which items are sold to the person who offers the most money
shadow the dark shape formed when something blocks the sun or other light
cellar the space below ground level under a building
echoed sound repeated because sounds bounced off walls or hard surfaces
escape get away
reluctantly with hesitation
hardened looked hard
disappear go out of sight
clutched held tightly with the hands
interrupted started talking in the middle of someone else talking
hammer a tool with a handle and a metal head used for pounding
hopefully in a way that shows hope
footsteps sounds of feet moving on a surface
worried feeling that something bad might happen
sorrow sadness
belonged were the property of; were owned by
relieved freed from bad feelings or worry
fools people who make silly mistakes
ignored paid no attention to; did not listen to
trust believe, feel that someone is honest
cracked sounded uneven
stubborn not wanting to change one's mind
Created by: jacquie_goggin