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Biology Unit 2

Unit 2 Study Guide over Chapters 5-7 part B

The role of _________________ in photosynthesis is vital. Chlorophyll
Chlorophyll, which resides in the _______________ of plants. Chloroplasts
Chlorophyll is the __________ ____________ that is necessary in order for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight, into oxygen and glucose. Green pigment
Photosynthesis uses __________ ______________ and ____________as its raw materials. Carbon dioxide\sunlight
Plants get _______ from atmosphere through Stomata. CO2
Sunlight which is absorbed by the chlorophyll and other ________ _________ of the plant. Green parts
What are the products of photosynthesis? Carbon dioxide + water= glucose + oxygen. True or false False
___________ use energy from sunlight to react carbon dioxide and water. Plants
When carbon dioxide and water react, they produce __________ or __________ and oxygen. Sugar/glucose
Chlorophyll absorbs light in the _____ (long wavelength) and the _______ (short wavelength) regions of the visible light spectrum Red/blue
_____________ light is not absorbed but reflected, making the plant appear green. Green
Chlorophyll is ________ in the chloroplasts of plants. Found
Question 31 is done on yellow paper. Question 31 is done on yellow paper.
Where does the cyclic reaction pathway use PS I, PS II, both, or none? PS I
It takes _________ turns of the Calvin cycle to allow one G3P. 3
One G3P regenerates 3 _________. RuBP
A C3 plant, such as wheat, uses __________________ only because it does not contain ______________. Waiting to hear back from teacher the answers. #34
In ________ plants, the bundle sheath cells do not contain chloroplasts. C3
In ______ plants, the carbon dioxide fixation takes place twice. C4
The carbon dioxide fixation takes place twice in the ____________ ____________ and in the _____________ _____________ ___________. Mesophyll cells/bundle sheath cells
____________ _______________ is a carbon fixation pathway that evolved in some plants as an adaptation to arid conditions. CAM photosynthesis
In a plant using full CAM, the _____________ in the leaves remain shut during the day to reduce evaporation Stomata
In plant using full CAM, it is _______ at night to collect carbon dioxide. Open
Jade plant, Agave, and wax plants are examples of __________ ___________. CAM plants
Pineapple is example of __________ plants CAM
Spanish moss, _________, and orchids are examples of CAM plants. Cacti
The main role of ATP is to provide ____________. Energy
ATP energy _________ is used for metabolism in the cell. Released
In light and dark reactions, plants have the ability to absorb and utilize the energy in sunlight. True or false True
In light and dark reactions, this energy is then converted along with water and oxygen from the atmosphere into glucose and carbon dioxide. True or false False
Electrons in chemiosmosis are used by ______ _____________ to form ATP. ATP synthase
___________ build up in due course and production as a comeback to the ever-changing environment. Adaptations
Adaptations allow an organism to reduce competition for space and nutrients, ___________ predation and _________ reproduction. Reduce/increase
There are however, several factors that can limit these adaptations: _________ of ___________, __________, predation and ___________. Availability/water/light/temperature
__________ plants looks very different that plants that live near the ocean or in the mountains. Desert
Each type of plant thrives in a different type of ___________. Environment
Created by: jwatts1
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