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Mod C Unit III

Everest Terms

I am the collection of nerves, ganglia, and plexuses through which visceral organs, heart, blood vessels, galnds, and smooth muscles receive their innervations. Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
I am nerve fibers that conduct impulses away from the cell body. Axon(s)
I am the sudden but temporary unilateral facial paralysis from unknown cause. Bell's Palsy
I am the brain and the spinal cord. Central Nervous System (CNS)
I am nerve fibers that conduct impulses toward the cell body. Dendrites
I carry a message away from the spinal cord and brain and directs the body to act. Motor Neurons
I am a disease that destroys the myelin sheath of the neurons in the central nervous system resulting in impulses that cannot transmit to their destinations. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
I am a chronic nervous disease characterized by slowing spreading tremors, muscular weakness, and a particular gait. Parkinson's Disease
I am all of the nerves outside the central nervous system. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
I am the conduit throug which nerve fibers move impulses from one to another. Synapse
I am either the labial surface of the anterior teeth or the buccal surface of the posterior teeth. It pertains to the surface of the cheek and lips. Facial
I am the cranial nerve that exits the brainstem out from the sides of the medulla. The ninth cranial nerve. Glossopharyngeal
I supply motor fibers to all of the muscles of the tongue, except the palatoglossus muscle. Hypoglossal
I intervate the anterior teeth and the labial gingival; I am a branch of the inferiror alveolar nerve. Incisive Nerve Branch
I am composed of both sensory and motor neurons and I am the largest division of the trigeminal nerve. Mandibular Nerve Branch
I am a sensory nerve that innervates the nose, cheeks, palate, gingival, maxillary teeth, maxillary sinus, tonsils, nasopharynx, and other facial features. Maxillary Nerve Branch
I am the largest division of the trigeminal nerve. Mental Nerve Branch
I supply the mlyohyoid muscle and the anterior belly of the digastrics muscles. Mylohyoid Nerve Branch
I divide into the greater palatine nerve, the lesser palatine nerve, and the nasopalatine nerve. Pterygopalatine Nerve Branch
I am the largest cranial nerve and most important to dental auxiliaries because I innervate the maxilla and the mandible dividing the semi-lunar ganglion into three branches. I am the fifth cranial nerve. Trigeminal
Without pain; feelin of a lack of pain. Analgesia
I am the most common typeof syring designed to allow the operator to check the positon of the needle before depositing the anesthetic solution. Aspirating Syringe
I am used to administer all traditional infiltration and block injections; I deliver a pressured volume of anesthetic solution at a controlled rate. Computer-Controlled Local Anesthesia
I am a electronic anesthesia method that has a low to moderated level of sucess but best used with nitrous oxide inhalation sedation or for a patient that cannot tolerate local anesthetics. Electronic Controlled Local Anesthesia
I am a low pain tolerance ability; over sesitive or superactive response to pain. Hyperkinetic
I am a high pain tolterance ability; under sensitive or underactive response to pain. Hypokinetic
I am an injection of a local anesthetic that is directly into the cancellous bone (spongy bone) Intraosseous Anesthesia
I am atechnique that deposits the anesthetic directly into the pulp chamber or root canal of the involved tooth. Intrapulpal Injection
I am also know as an intraligamentary injection, I have a variety of uses; and involve inserting a needle into the gingival sulcus along the long axis of the tooth to be treated. Periodontal Ligament Injection
I am a drug added to the anesthetic solutions that constrict blood vessels around the injection site, reducing the blood flow in the area Vasoconstrictor
I am an injection into a nerve bundle to enable anesthesia to a wider area, such as the mandibular quadrant of teeth. Block Anesthesia
I am a glass container of anesthetic solution. Carpules
I am a Connecticut dentist who was the first to use nitrous oxide as an anesthetic during dental surgery (1815-1848) Horace Wells
I am an injection method that places anesthetic solution into the tissues near the small terminal nerve branches for absorption. Infiltration Anesthesia
I am the injection of ansesthetic into the peridental ligament Intraligamentary
I am a reaction taht may cause high fever, muscle rigidity, and fluctuations in heart and blood pressure. Malignant Hyperthermia
I am the federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for work related sickness and health; it is part of the Centers for Disease Control (CCD) National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
I am an oder-free gas derived from nitrogen and oxygen; used as a sedative before anesthesia; I relieve anxiety and fear Nitrous Oxide
I am the sensation fo being numb Paresthesia
I am the limited opening of the mouth Trismus
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