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Cherokee 7-13

Wet Gadanehi (gah-dah-nay-he)
Dry Ukayodv (eww-Kah-yo-duh)
This Gohi (go-he)
Day Iga (ee-gah)
Let’s see each other again/ We will see each other again/ (Don’t say goodbye ) Donadvgovi (doe-nah-duh-go-uh-ee)
Slang Let’s see each other again/ We will see each other again/ (Don’t say goodbye) Slang Donadvhe (doe-nah-duh-hay)
Pipe Ganvnawa (gah-nuh-nah-wah)
Hand me the pipe Ganvnawa Sgidisi (Gah-nuh-nah-wah shkee-dee-she)
Coffee Kawi (kah-we)
Beautiful Uwodohi (eww-woe-doe-he)
Wake up Hiyegi (he-yea-key)
Merry Christmas Ulihelisd Unadetiyisgvi (Eww-lee-hay-leesht eww-nad-day-tee-yee-sh-guh-ee)
Earth Elohi (a-low-he)
Good energy Nuwati Osda (new-wah-tee-oh-shtah)
Creator Unehlanvhi (eww-nay-hlah-nuh-hi)
Great spirit Adanvdo Osd (ah-dah-nuh-doe-osht)
Please Howatsu (hoe-what-sue)
Look Ni (nee)
Medicine man/woman -Wizard/Magician Adawehi (ah-dah-way-he)
Bread Gadu (gah-do)
Tobacco Tsola (sew-la)
Crazy Nuda (new-dah)
Hurry/ hurry up Nula (new-la)
Ouch Ayo (ah-yo)
Tomorrow Sunle (shoon-lay)
Family Sidanelv (she-duh-nay-luh)
You are doing good Nihi Nadvneha (née-he nah-duh-nay-ha)
Quiet Elawe’i (a-la-way-‘ee) ‘ means pause
I speak Cherokee Tsalagi Tsiwoni (saw-la-key see-woe-nee)
Canoe Tsiyu (see-you)
Storm Unula (eew-new-la)
Clan(s) Ugaya (eww-gah-ya)
Feather Ugidali (eww-key-dah-lee)
Blanket Tsusquanvni (sue-shqwah-nuh-nee)
Deer Awi (ah-we)
Horse Soquili (show-qwee-lee)
Pony Soquili agina (show-qwee-lee. Ah-gee-nah)
Cow Waga (wah-gah)
Eagle Wohali (woe-ha-lee)
Wolf Waya (wah-yah)
Owl Wahuhi (wah-hoo-he)
Bear Yona (yo-nah)
Dove ??no word?? (Woe-yah)
Bobcat Gvhe (guh-hey)
Racoon Gvli (guh-lee)
Walk in peace Aisv nvwatohiyado (Ah-ee-suh nuh-wah-to-he-yah-doe)
Moccasin (s) Ulasula (eww-la-Sue-la)
Book Goweli (go-way-lee)
Hair Usdiyegv (eww-shtee-yea-guh)
War paint Wodi (woe-dee)
Stand/standing Aledi (ah-lay-dee)
Fight Alasdi (ah-la-shtee)
Gun Unudana (eww-new-dah-nah)
Ugly Unegi (eww-nay-key)
Mother Unitsi (eww-nee-see)
Father Agidoda (ah-key-doe-dah)
Shirt Ahnawo (ah-nah-woe)
T-shirt Hawina Ahnawo (Hah-we-nah ah-nah-woe)
Pants Asulo (ah-shoe-lo)
Shoes Dilasulo (dee-la-shoe-lo)
Little/small Gayotli (gah-yo-Shlee)
Missed Unvdvgi (eww-nuh-duh-key)
Careful Geyatahi (gay-yahw-tah-he)
I’m hungry Agiyoshiha (ah-key-yo-she-ha)
Star Noquisi (no-qwee-she)
Stars Aninoquisi (ah-nee-no-qwee-she)
What time is it? Hvgaiga hiywanilvhi (Huh-gah-we-gah he-wah-nee-luh-hi)
Full Kahi (kah-lee)
Help me Sgisdela (Shkee-sh-day-lah)
How do you say this? Doadti hia (doe-aht-tee he-ah)
Tell me this Sginohis hia (shkee-no-hesh he-ah)
What is this? Doiyusdi hia (Doe-ee-you-sht-tee he-ah)
Explain Disgwosisasi (Dee-sh-gwo-she-sha-she)
Tell me Sginohisi (Shkee-no-he-she)
Use (must use with other word) Gvdi (guh-dee)
Use White/ English Unega gvdi (Eww-nay-gah guh-dee)
Use Indian Ayvwiya gvdi (Ah-yah-we-yuh guh-dee)
Use Cherokee Tsalagi gvdi (Saw-la-key guh-dee)
Tell me something use Cherokee Sginohisi Tsalagi gvdi (Shkee-no-he-she saw-la-key guh-dee)
Tell me something use white Sginohisi unega gvdi (Shkee-no-he-she eww-nay-gah guh-dee)
Tell me something use Indian Sginohisi ayvwiya gvdi (Shkee-no-he-she ah-yah-we-yuh guh-dee)
Created by: NativeAmerican



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