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a aduce latina
a ajunge latina
a alerga latina
a asculta latina
a auzi latina
a avea latina
a bate latina
a bea latina
a cadea latina
a canta latina
a cere latina
a citi slava
a cladi slava
a cunoaste latina
a darui slava
a fi latina
a fugi latina
a hrani slava
a intra latina
a invata latina
a iubi slava
a judeca latina
a logodi slava
a lua latina
a munci slava
a plati slava
a pomeni slava
abajur franceza
abandon franceza
abanos turca
abate italiana
abtibild germana
acadea turca
acaret turca
aerisi greaca
ageamiu turca
agentie italiana
agentura germana
agheazma greaca
agonisi greaca
aisberg engleza
alai turca
albina latina
alcatui maghiara
aldamas maghiara
alean maghiara
amvon greaca
an latina
anapoda greaca
anost greaca
apa latina
arbore latina
argat bulgara
Arges daco-geta
arici latina
armasar latina
armata italiana
arpacas maghiara
asediu italiana
azi latina
baba slava
balsam italiana
balta daco-geta
banui maghiara
barba latina
barman engleza
barza daco-geta
bilant germana
bisnita engleza
bivol slava
blana bulgara
blat germana
blufa engleza
Bogdan slava
bogdaproste bulgara
borcan bulgara
bors ucraineana
bou latina
brad daco-geta
branza daco-geta
brat latina
brau daco-geta
brusture daco-geta
bujor bulgara
burlac ucraineana
bursa franceza
buton franceza
buza daco-geta
buzunar greaca
cabina franceza
cafea turca
caiet franceza
caine latina
cais greaca
cal latina
calic ucraineana
camp latina
cap latina
capusa daco-geta
Carstea slava
cartof germana
casa slava
castan greaca
catana maghiara
catarg greaca
catun daco-geta
ceapa latina
cioara daco-geta
ciocan slava
cleste slava
coacaza daco-geta
cocos slava
codru latina
Comornic slava
copac daco-geta
Cozia slava
crang slava
creier latina
crenel engleza
Cris daco-geta
cumnat latina
cusca ucraineana
cusca ucraineana
Dan slava
deal slava
diblu germana
dimineata latina
dinte latina
drag slava
drapel italiana
drug ucraineana
duh slava
fata latina
floare latina
frate latina
gat slava
geam turca
ginere latina
glezna slava
grajd slava
grau latina
groapa daco-geta
grumaz daco-geta
gura latina
holtei ucraineana
horn ucraineana
hrean slava
Ialomita slava
iarba latina
iarna latina
iaz slava
ieftin greaca
Ilfov slava
inima latina
istericale greaca
izvor slava
lac latina
lacom slava
lider engleza
lopata slava
luna latina
lunca slava
magura daco-geta
mal daco-geta
mama latina
mana latina
mandru slava
manz daco-geta
mar latina
mazare daco-geta
mila slava
molima greaca
monah slava
Motru daco-geta
mucenic slava
munca slava
munte latina
Mures daco-geta
naparca daco-geta
Neagu slava
nepot latina
nevasta slava
nevoie slava
noapte latina
noroc slava
ograda slava
Olt daco-geta
ovaz slava
padure latina
parau daco-geta
pivnita slava
pomana slava
Prahova slava
prost slava
pupaza daco-geta
rac slava
Radu slava
saptamana latina
sat slava
schit slava
scump slava
sfant slava
sila slava
slava slava
soparla daco-geta
sora latina
strunga daco-geta
surub germana
tata latina
ulita slava
unchi latina
vatra daco-geta
vesel slava
viezure daco-geta
viteaz slava
voinic slava
zdravan slava
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