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Biology Chapter 5

Chapter 5 information to study for test Enzymes

All enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes (true or false). Don’t let this trip you up on the test, as it is guaranteed to be on the test!!!!! True
The substances which an enzyme acts RXN are called ____________. Substrates (A-D)
Protein molecules used to speed up RXN. They are recyclable/reused are called _____________. Enzyme (E1-E6)
What does the following mean? A + B + C + D = ATP (sun) + (CO2) + H2O + Nutrients = Energy or a _________ ______ Energy or a metabolic pathway
When there are a lot of product, it can’t make but 2 active spots for the product, most of the time. The others just sit and wait their turn. This is called _________ ______________. Enzyme inhibition
It accommodates substrate and is like a lock and key-specific to one substrate is called ____________ ___________ _____________. Enzyme’s active site
Enzyme undergoes slight shape change to accommodate substrate is called __________ ______ ______________. Induced fit model
Then the enzyme will go back to ____________ form after it undergoes induced fit model Original
An enzyme has an active site where the substrate and enzyme fit together in such a way that the substrates are oriented to react. is called _____________ ____________. Enzymatic action
Enzymes are not used up by the________ during induced fit model. Reaction
_____________ __________________ is when a product is in abundance, it competes with the substrate for the enzyme’s active site. Feedback inhibition
When the product becomes low, ____________ is reduced, and more product can be produced. Inhibition
When the inhibition is full, the substrate changes shape to prevent the enzyme from __________ to it. Binding
The __________ of most enzymes and metabolic pathways is regulated by feedback inhibition. Activity
Enzymes speed up the overall rate of the reaction with Ea. True or False True
Enzymes do not change the _________ of energy in the products or reactants, they simple ________ the rate of the reaction. Amount/alter
Glucose + O2 (10 units of energy) = ATP. Add an enzyme and it lowers it to __ units of energy used is known as activation energy. 5
A ____________ hurdle is easier/faster to get over. A ________ energy of activation makes a reaction easier/faster. Lower/lower
We can change the ______, _____, and/or ______ but it will not change the way the enzyme works. Shape/temperature/PH
Enzyme act as a ____________used to speed up processes. Catalyst
If a word ends with _______ (3 letters), it is an enzyme. Ase
Created by: jwatts1